How did you get into Katatonia?

I read a review of Discoraged Ones in Terrorizer, I think it was actually Album of the Month if I remember, so I decided to check it out, I wasn't disappointed. I was hooked from there!
Well my friend was playing Funeral Wedding and i got intrested and downloaded the EP. I loved it very much and after that i downloaded Viva Emptiness and Last Fair Deal Gone down. I didn't liked them as much, but they're still ok. Now i'm downloading Discouraged Ones, and what i've heard i think i will like alot more, so i'm still at the getting-into-phase. But don't worry, if i like an album alot i will buy it and i'm going to town tomorrow to buy For Funerals To Come Ep or Discouraged if i like it :) And by the way, tell me what album sound the most like For Funerals To Come?
Opeth liner notes.

Opeth would like to thank...


Actually, that's just how I heard about them. I actually really 'got into them' with Tonight's Decision, after having mixed feelings about Viva Emptiness. See, I thought they'd sound more like Opeth, and of course VE doesn't, and parts of it (see: Ghost of the Sun) I thought were too... I don't know. I wasn't looking for angry music. Also, I was put off by seeing lines like, 'Don't give a shit'. But then, there was a lot of things on that album that I found haunting as hell, so part of me loved it and another part was let down. So I didn't listen to it a whole lot. Then, one day, I saw TD at the local music store. I hesitated for a few minutes before saying, 'Fuck it' and buying it. This album I found much more to my liking (at the time), so I gradually got more and more Katatonia albums (to the ominous dwindling of the funds in my bank account...), and I came to love them. They occupy a 'Favorite Band' slot, at the moment, this being the 'Current Favorite Band'. And, btw, I adore VE now; it fights for the spot of 'Favorite Katatonia Album'.

BTW, the 'All Time Favorite Band' slot is occupied by Blind Guardian, has been for a few years now, and it doesn't look like changing.
Someone had mentioned Katatonia somewhere on UM and Last Fair Deal Gone Down was on the shelves of our record store. Gave it a listen there and downloaded a bunch of their albums...sadly I haven't bought any others except Last Fair Deal... yet.
I heard that the folks from Opeth like Katatonia. At the time, I didn't even know that Mikael had done vocals for them. I ended up downloading "Brave" and enjoying it greatly. Then I saw Sounds of Decay at my local used record store and picked that up. I've since secured three more of their albums. Looking forward to the others, and to seeing them whenever they tour in the States.

Brilliant music.
Opeth is to blame. I had heard that Mike did some shit for Katatonia on an album or two so I started to dl shit. I've got a big library [yes, I'm buying the albums] of Katatonia now, and glad I have it.
I had brave murder day as a friend of mine who along with me is also huge opeth fan from far back. he recommended the cd. I think I expected something like opeth which I didn't get for some reason. It is wierd as I am into alot of music which requires patience to really "get " the band. Just recently, I tried listening to new cd that a friend had a copy of and I am enjoying it. I recently repicked up bMD, and every cd since then and after I saw how much money I spent I looked like this--->:OMG: yet I felt like this--->:Spin:
I first heard about Katatonia from a friend of mine. We were talking about Opeth and he mentioned that if I liked them, I should also check out Katatonia. I got pointed to their site, where I listened to Teargas...been hopelessly in love with Katatonia ever since. I like the earlier stuff (namely BMD) more than the new stuff, but in truth all of Katatonia's work is amazing. Still gotta get the rest of the EPs and such...
winter-frost said:
For me I heard a few mp3's of the album Discouraged Ones and was immediatly addicted. Bought Discouraged Ones, and Tonights Decision together. I have to say though their latest record is by far my favorite.

Cheers to Katatonia!
I was lucky because in Palermo(I) where I'm from I had loads of friends with whom
sharing the passion of heavy metal. Most of them would literally spend all their money on mail-order CD'S. At the time KATATONIA was a metalheads thing but they were born cult because no-one had ever done (or has now) anything like them within that circle. Actually lately I've been waiting for KAT. to become massive (you know see them on TV or being bombarded by the radio kind of thing) but it hasn't happened yet.
I wonder why.
I found 'Discouraged Ones' in the used section at a used store called Fantastic Records (RIP :( ), and took a listen. Well, it didn't really hit me as great. Not really something that i wanted to buy at the time, anyway.

About a month later, someone gave me a few mix CD-Rs, and Katatonia's "Gateways to Bereavement" was on it, and i thought it kicked ass, completely different than what i heard previous. So i was talking to the guy who gave me those CDs, and he suggested i pick up Dance of December Souls and Brave Murder Day. So i did, and i've liked them since.

Later (actually, earlier this year), i found Last Fair Deal Gone Down in the same used store, and they still owed me a free used CD (they had a deal where if you bought 9 used CDs, yougot the 10th free. you had a card that they marked each time you got a used CD), so i figured hell, might as well. got it, and loved it. unfortunately, they closed shop about 2 months later :(
ciccio pas. said:
Actually lately I've been waiting for KAT. to become massive (you know see them on TV or being bombarded by the radio kind of thing) but it hasn't happened yet.
I wonder why.
I don't think that Katatonia belongs to the sort of groups,who become massive..and i think it's good so..i can't imagine that the people would listen to such music on the radio,it is just too ensnaring and the most people just don't have the free time and the free mind to obey such plunge...
Read about them on a website, which described their style. I downloaded some 1 minute samples, and I couldn't wait till I get my hands on the whole album. The first song I listened to was Ghost Of The Sun. Late Last year.
Cheers all.