How did you get into Katatonia?

Katatonia is such a great band. I dont think everybody should listen to them because they are in my opinion a very cereberal and complex band. You have to feel their music, feel the emotions that the music brings out, you just dont sit down and listen to it, you have to feel it. i let one of friends listen to Last Fair Deal Gone Down and he said he didnt get really into it, which i thought was total blasphemy, just because he didn't feel the emotions. When i listen to any of Katatonia's albums i feel the emotions that surge through their songs, not many bands can put emotions into their songs like Katatonia can. But thats my opinion, i could be wrong. Jonas, Anders, Fred, and the rest of the band are total fucking geniuses.

My Favorite Bands in order:
1. Katatonia
2. October Tide
3. Anathema
4. Opeth
5. Sentenced
6. Diabolical Masquerade
7. Daylight Dies
8. Rotting Christ
9. Tiamat
10. Ulver
Hey forlorn!

I am indeed the same person. I think I remember writing you a long time ago after my "conversion" to them. You're right, it took me a couple listens to _BMD_ to "get it" and once I did, well... you know the rest.

I totally agree, they're accesable, but that doesn't make them simple or shallow whatsoever. They can be enjoyed on so many levels, but by the far the best is when you hear their music and it's purely a reflection of your current emotional state, you then feel it and not just hear it. No other band does that, none of them.

I'm glad I found this forum and I'm glad to see you again, man.

i was first introduced to katatonia by my boyfriend auggie. he made a comp. from all his fav. bands. once i heard the first song (brave) i replayed it over and over. since then i've been hooked on katatonia.
I was entering one music shop in Thessaloniki, Greece where I come once a year(I am from Yugoslavia), and I was looking for the latest Anathema(it was 'Judgement' back then, in summer 99) and, while I was stepping into the shop, Katatonia's 'Discouraged Ones' was playing(but I didn't know that).
I haven't heard anything by Katatonia except 'Rainroom' sample back then(and it was the bad one, timing only 1 minute - but I liked it anyway), so I didn't know Katatonia used clean vocals on the new effort.
I was, like, "Heyyyyyyy........this sounds like Anathema - it could be 'Judgement'!" . But, as the song was rolling futher I understood it wasn't Anathema, but I liked it so much.
The guy who worked there (and still is) said it was Katatonia and I was so delighted I bought the CD immediately.(by the way, the song which was playing while I was entering the shop was 'Deadhouse', and it became my favourite one.... And I bought 'Judgement' also, if you are interested).
I became Katatonia fan as I was sinking deeper into the music with each listen. Very soon I bought 'BMD', then 'Decision' came out, and we are (clean) today, and we are still blown away (hey, I accidentally made a rhyme!:) )

This is a long story, but I hope it was interesting to you.
Maybe it would be interested for you to know my favourites
(In not specific order):
In the Woods...
The 3rd and the Mortal
the Gathering
My Dying Bride

There is a lot of others, such as Amorphis, Blazing Eternity, Autumnblaze, Arcturus, Sentenced, Moonspell,etc. ,but the 1st 13 are THE one in my collection.

Saturnus they are (very) good I have one of thier albums "For the loveless lonely nights". One of thier songs "For your demons"
is made me remembered (excuse for my english :) ) "For my demons"

"Just 7 days for the concert. I can not wait any longer :) "

"Why does it always rain on me"
I heard "Deadhouse" on a compilation and thought it was awesome, so I bought "Discouraged Ones". Excellent album. Then I heard "Murder" on another compilation, so after eyeing the CD for awhile, I then bought "Brave Murder Day/For Funerals To Come". Another great album (of course it is...Mikael is on it), but the last track is kinda creepy. :)

I immediately got "Tonight's Decision" when it was released (imported). I was a bit dissappointed. Except for a few songs, I still haven't quite been able to get into that album. As soon as "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" was released, I bought it, too. I wasn't expecting much of it, listened once and nothing really grabbed me, listened again a few weeks later ... same, but I listened yet again just yesterday (early, early morning) and I think it's growing on me a bit. I should probably give "Tonight's Decision" a few more listens, too.

I still think "Discouraged Ones" is their best album (other than "BMD/FFTC", which is stylistically different). It just has a hopelessness in it that the two recent releases don't seem to capture. It has songs that just kind of reach out and grab you, too. But, like I said, I need to listen to the two latest albums a few (or more) more times.
i read a review of Brave Murder Day and Discouraged One's.... weeks later i bought BMD... first listen... i was a bit shocked 'cos it had growls... i said to myself "how can you expect me to take you serious if you use growls as vocals...??" Back then i wasnt to comfortable with vokills like that... but they have grown on me. I read the lyrics Jonas' had written... and could not help but like Katatonia. One lonely saturday nite i put on BMD.. turned off the lights and turned the volume way high... it was bliss... that night... opened me with sources.... the album now is one of my fav albums. I still like Dance of December Souls the best because of its neurosis.. but i find myself listening to their newer albums dayly... when i wake up and before i sleep.... thank you Katatonia

'Life is Pain'- Nystrom Anders:cry:
katatonia was my greatest birthday present ever...i was supposed to recieve a ticket to an eyehategod show as a present from my friend patrik. the show was cancelled and i was totally irked (im not even a fan of theirs, i was just determined not to have one of those depressed sit around and mope birthdays. i wanted something 'cool' to do).
so i tried everything to find another show in that area and ended up in contact with this person from there whom i refered to then forboddingly as METALHEAD (lol)-he never found a show but patrik and i went up to this city anyway, for the fun of roadtrips and to see a friend in college there. after dinner with our friend i insist that we meet up with METALHEAD. patrik thinks that he is probably a serial killer so i have all these weapons in my car to reassure him we'll be safe...well we go meet this guy and of course he's not a lunatic. we all have a beer, talk about music for a while and guess what band he recommends? katatonia! so the following week i buy tonight's decision and WOW. i couldnt believe it- i loved the whole album. my thanks goes out as always to my friend, my 'metalhead,' for introducing me to such amazing music.
I have been in Katatonia for one and a half years. Firstly, I saw the mp3s "Deadhouse", and "right into the bliss" on a side, and downloaded them.(I donot know why,
but I downloaded them just because the word "Katatonia" attracted me :)). Then I bought DO and TD cds, and then LFDGD came, It is quite different eccept the depression on every Katatonia album. My other favourites are Anathema (which I found the mp3s Fragile Dreams and Deep on the same side and downloaded just like Katatonia), In Flames (because of the video- Ordinary Story), and so on.
I have alrady got the ticket for gig in Istanbul, I hope it will be all great and depressed night,...

"somehow ý have to live this deadhouse"
I'm listening to Katatonia the last 5 jears ..i think.. one of my best friends(Drynwhyl;-]) gave to me "Tonight's decision" and all the 'music' that i have listen before was just washed away..i don't know ..i was listening to the album for weeks..i had the feeling,that i 'm listening to the album from the beginning of my life..then i listened to 'Dance of december souls' and firstly i thought,that she has given to me the wrong tape,because everything was so different..the atmosphere was amaising and i couldn't believe that someone can peep so deep in my soul..and since then i became addicted to the music..the only true music..then i had listen to 'Discouraged Ones',but the quality of the record was terrible-there were no vocals:(,and if i must describe in details-the voice of Jonas was coming from the top of a mointain and the recorder -mechanism was at the bottom i couldn't hear much of the vocals but nevertheless i liked the album,i liked the lyrics too..and 3 jears ago i heard the album in the 'original' version and i was crushed down..this became one of my most favourite albums..i can't determine which album of Katatonia is my most favourite,but 'Discouraged Ones' and 'Tonight's decision' are the closest to my soul and inner world.I needed more time to accept LFDGD and Viva Emptiness,but they became very important albums in my life ,too.I had such periods 3-4 jears ago,when i was listening only to 'Dance of december souls' and'Brave Murder Day',so i'm just unable to say that Katatonia have ever created anything untrue and superficial...So,thank you Katatonia for the immense universe of sincerity and gloomy rains..
My favourite groups are:

My Dying Bride
The Gathering
Diabolical Masquerade
At The Gates

..i like very much also the music of Jeff Buckley,Paradise Lost(Viva 'Symbol of Life'!!!!!),Amorphis ,Antimatter,In The Woods...,Tenhi,Ulver,Yearning,Moonspell..i'm sure that i have forgotten something...but Katatonia are the best and i have already mentioned this!
Back in 1999 every metal mag was really praising "Tonight's Decision" as one of the best albums of the year. So I bought it at a Mayhem show that summer at a booth where they had a bunch of CDs. I remember that was back when you could only get it as an import so it cost $17.00. I immediately loved it, all my friends hated it. Then I bought Discouraged Ones, Brave Murder Day/For Funerals To Come and Dance of December Souls. I got them all signed when I saw them at Milwaukee Metal Fest in 2000. Good times.
I was finding out more about the members of bloodbath. I knew of Ander's work in DM already so I thought it would be worth looking into what else he had done and I just fell in love with Katatonia's music.
i heard "brave murder day" 4 years ago... not too bad, but it wasn't my genre... in 2002 i heard for joke "In death, a song"... and then all "Tonight's decision"... and so here we are, now i love all old (sounds of decay in primis) and new (last fair in primis) katatonia :)
I first heard Katatonia when Dance of December Souls came out, but it didn't grab me at the time.

In the interim I got into Opeth and when I heard Brave Murder Day had Mikael on vox, I snapped it up, listening to this cd on my discman whilst cycling home that day I was so into the music that I stacked my bike!

Since then my attention wavered with Discouraged Ones, but came back in force for the two most recent albums. I have since backtracked and got into both Discouraged Ones and Tonights Decision.