How did you discover Katatonia?

Same here man. I also hear people complain about digi's often, cause they apparently get worn out so easily, well, my Sepultura "Chaos AD" digi which I bought on the day of its release in 1993, is still in almost new condition, despite a zillion plays...
Haha I agree! All my digis are in perfect condition. And I treat my cds with the utmost care. If I ever buy doubles it's just for collectors sake.
the 'thankyou' section in Opeth albums. I went and bought Viva Emptiness on the strength of mr akerfeldt thanking katatonia. now i've got a crapload of their stuff (but still not every studio release) and I like everything I've heard.
A couple of years ago, I had the worst day ever (or so I thought).. I was really tired and pissed off by some work stuff. My brother asked me to come see Katatonia with him, said I would absolutely love it. I very much doubted it, but went to see them play anyway with the thought that the day just couldn't be any worse. I had never heard the band before, but was amazed of how good they were - songs sounding so beautiful and cruel at the same time.. and the lyrics... ooh :loco:

Fell in love instantly, and for this I am forever thankful to my brother. Since then Katatonia has been my number one band :)
Ah! In 1997 I think, in Italy I was reading this magazine called Metal Shock (brilliant name) and I was really into death and black metal then, and all other metal really... And this magazine was going mental about Brave Murder Day, I liked the artwork and I decided to buy it.

I was really into very technically complicated music at the time and then I discover Katatonia with their Um, Pah, Um, Pah, um, Pah, Um, Pah you know what I mean. I just went like this :OMG: and I think after a couple of times I listened to Murder I cried :cry:

the Katationia signature guitar/bass harmonies 'trapped' by the catatonic drumbeat are my favourite musical invention ever. Besides I could totally identify with the total desperation and anger of the music.

I got every single album after that, and I like how they've developed. Today Katatonia play more down tune, and the songs are immensely technical, and a bit glossier, which has taken some of the old magic away, but despite everything, I think they've improved a lot overall.
I think I'd love if they made a few more songs with the old downbeat riffs and drums.
the name was carved on my desk at high school 9th grade. then i wondered what it meant. then the pain began
It's easy for metal fans to get used to really complicated stuff, i.e. if you compare Katatonia to meshuggah or death then that statement doesn't work, but considering the average complexity of rock'n'roll bands and even their own early Katatonia stuff, then I'd stick to what I say.
I basically was checking out some of the bands that Opeth was thanking in their BWP booklet at the back and then came across Katatonia that way. The name of the band pretty much had drawn me right in; I looked them up on the net and voila, next thing you know I had every single album from them throughout the span of less than a year.

So yeah, basically thanks to Opeth, hehe, which is also how I found out about Anathema and Novembre as well.
I was just searching various metal/doom/prog stuff and just saw some album artworks by searching amazon. That was the first state, I remembered the name ''Katatonia'' and the beautiful artworks, especially of VE.

Then, one day I went to my local music store, and saw some katatalbums, VE was the first. And I thought that moment, I've seen that artwork and somewhere the name of this band, better go check em out.

The first thing I did was to check their website, a heard few samples ''criminals'', ''evidence'' and others, and I was hooked up instantly from that moment. I was visiting very often the website because of the updates the were about to make due to the new album.
through a friend, he was into more "metal" stuff than me, i still was living under the shadows of soundgarden, alice in chains, pearl jam... then got bored and tried to move in another direction, so this guy introduced me to katatonia and opeth, around 1999, tonight's decision was not yet released, and i hated discouraged ones, too simple, too emotional, repetitive for my taste, maybe i was angry or something, so went back to brave murder day. then tonight's decision came out, i heard this punishment, and for my demons, maybe the timing was right, both blew me off immediatly! so i bought everything i could from them, fortunately in méxico all of their music is easy to find!
I think i was reading the credits from an Opeth album, they mentioned Katatonia. I ordered Brave Yester Days and fell in love.

After Katatonia i have started to listen more mellow stuff like Antimatter and Green Carnation.
Stranglely enough I found about Katatonia because of bloodbath and I found bloodbath because of Mikael.
LFDGD made me fall in love with Katatonia