How did you discover Katatonia?


Mar 4, 2003
Im not sure if this has already been created but I want to restart it for newcomers. I stumbled across them while searching for the band HIM on HIM is an ok band,but when I saw related artists Katatonia, I thought that might be cool. I thought right, teargas was my first glimse of this glorious band that forever hooked me. Im so glad I clicked on that link at that specific moment. If not, what kind of person would I be today without them? Scary isnt it?
Picked up Last Fair Deal Gone Down in our record store,took it to the listening booth,thought that it was good. Went home,downloaded it,thought that it was fucking great,downloaded more. Bought Last Fair Deal... a while ago,though it's been a long time since I got into them.
I pretty much just had a hunch that I'd heard the band name somewhere and thought I'd give it a shot.
I'm pretty sure I'd gotten into them sooner or later anyway,but it's nice to have found out about them that way. :)
i have played a computergame called Counter-Strike (the biggest online-game of them all, it is also the third biggest "sport" in sweden after footie and hockey) and i sat down one day and watched a cs-movie with some cool kills... first came in flames and i thought "wow this is a great song..." then came katatonias masterpiece evidence and im going crazy over this one! so i just ran to the recordstore to buy viva emptiness ;)
yeh i was reading the opeth interview and lopez was talking about katatonia being his favourite band which got me curious... so i d\led a couple of songs and searched some info on the net.. theyre awesome
I was searching some new stuff on when I fell over Katatonia ... I downloaded 'i break', 'teargas', 'chrome', 'funeral wedding', 'without god', 'i am nothing' and then started crying ... it was so fuckin' awesome ... I've never heard such impressing songs before ... a few days later I ordered Discouraged Ones and so on ...

Waah ... I'm so lucky to have found them *sigh*
There was this woman.... :loco: my ex girlfriend mother, who played Discouraged Ones for me... I loved it! Listen to them ever since that day, back in -98!
i listened to "deadhouse" and got really hooked...

i got tonight's decision and "for my demons" really kicked my soul...

soon, LFDGD came out... and i just havent stopped listening to this album...i had to buy another copy 'cos the first one got lots of scratches...
Back in '97, I used to get CD's from this place called the Apple Emporium, which was your basic small metal shop full of t-shirts, cd's, tapes, vinyl, posters, etc. And the guy who worked there knew I was a Paradise Lost fanatic, but also knew I was a bit disappointed(at the time) with the then new PL effort, One Second. I told him that I wish they could have kept the sound going on Draconian Times with a bit Gothic-spice for dynamic, but alas, they, like the rest of the world must move on.
It was at that point that he suggested this band from Sweden called Katatonia, in particular, their then newest album, Brave Murder Day. I took a look at the cover and immediately thought, "Oh Christ, this is going to be some other melodic black-thrash band that I have heard a million times before." I couldn't have been more wrong.
BMD, coupled with The Sounds of Decay(which was released like a few months after I purchased BMD) changed my musical constitution completely. Within six months, Katatonia went from being some unimportant unheard of band, to my favorite band in the world. No other band has so quickly found such a huge spot in my heart that Katatonia has. And every year they have released an album, it has always made the number one pick for my year-end lists. 2003 was actually the first time they haven't been able to continue that task for me, simply because I have a few problems with that little enigma of an album. A masterpiece no doubt, but a flawed masterpiece nonetheless. But I have no worries the next time around, they will undoubtedly return to Number One.
I had heard about them from Opeth, an intrview with Mikael talking about them and I had actually heard about them when I first got into Opeth which was last February. Mikael said in the interview that he was in a side project which was Bloodbath and he mentioned that it contained some members of Katatonia. So, I got into Bloodbath first. I downloaded some tracks from Resurrection Through Carnage and I loved that death metal styled, so I ended up buying that and recently buying the Breeding Death EP. I ended up finally downloading some tracks after I had thought about buying a Opeth/Katatonia bootleg video which I never got anyway, but I tried getting Brave, Murder, 12, and Without God and none of them ever got anywhere. So, I searched for them and I randomally picked out a song and that ended up being In Death, A Song in September. I loved the song and downloaded some more stuff. I ended up finding Brave and that it one of my favorite songs. Since then, I have not moved on too far, I downloaded more songs like Sweet Nurse which again, I love, but I just got Brave Murder Day a week or two ago and I loved the For Funerals To Come EP as well. I wanted Sounds Of Decay, but it does not seem to be in print anymore. I have tried to download more stuff from Tonight's Decision and Last Fair Deal Gone Down. I still want to try some of their older material as well, but money is a problem. I got some of For My Demons and it sounds great.
One of my housemates in university was playing Sweet Nurse in his room at full blast (directly below mine) and when the chorus kicked in I was hooked.
I returned the favour by introducing him to In Flames the following week.
Heard "Deadhouse" at a friends place and was like totally hooked from the first line and on! :) It's still one of my all time favorite Katatonia songs :Smug:
A friend of mine burned a cd for me with different underground and extreme metal bands...or at least underground for me. There was Hypocrisy, Pungent Stench, Rotting Christ, Theatre of Tragedy and more, but the ones that caught my attention were the two Katatonia songs. One was Gateways of Bereavement, and the other was For My Demons. I wasn't sure that they were the same band, because of the major differences, but i loved it. I ended up buying Dance of December Souls at Media Play, and was blown away. Then i got Tonight's Decision. It was beautiful. Now i own 'em all. I love this band with an undying passion. Katatonia will always be my favorite and hold that place in my heart.
i heard some songs of viva emptiness on the net, so i went to a record store, but they have a really terrible sellection, i was supprised to find, Tonight's Decision, and it was the greatest purchase of my life, the cd is so uplifting and emmotional, ive listened to it vertually everyday for the last year
Well, I visited their website and downloaded some samples as they were described as a good band on another forum, the first song I heard was Discouraged Ones Deadhouse. Its been quite a qhile m into Katatonia and I have to say all the albums a re great. And Viva Emptiness just rocks! :headbang: