How did you discover Katatonia?

Friend made a CD-R of Viva Emptiness for me a few months ago, I've since purchased 4 of their CDs. :)
anna, i saw them 2 times this year ;)


i read an article about katatonia and their style of music in a magazine, 3 1/2 years ago i guess. i downloaded a few tracks and felt in love! i bought a few cd's since then and will buy the rest ;)
daimonion said:
I read some reviews, and thought it sounded like a good band. So I downloaded VE. I loved it right away. In a few days they were one of my favourite bands. Something like that has never happened before or since.

Buy - do not download! :erk:
I was on the forums to one of my favorite bands from a few years ago, Pressure 4-5 (they are alternative rock), and someone there recommended Katatonia for fans of Pressure 4-5. It was quite funny actually, the typical response for that thread was "why the hell would anyone here want to listen to some shitty death metal band" (i also liked death metal at the time anyway) but I actually checked them out, specifically "Last Fair Deal Gone Down", and have been a fan ever since.
Katatonia - Ghost of the sun, was the first one I heard (thanks to my friend, who was already a Katatonia-fan). It was great! After that I craved for more and bought V/E. A few weeks ago I finally found LFDGD in a little shop! Think I'm gonna collect them all!
My brother told me about them. When he moved out, i had to get their cds for myself, so i went to and bought them all. and I love them all.
hmm i heard evidence on some terrorizer cd about a year ago or something and not much on the cd appealed to me so i just put that track on repeat for hours. but as i was a shallow and misguided youth at the time i thought "ohno it wouldnt be cool to own a katatonia album it sounds like catatonia and theyre shite! and theyre not extreeeeme man!" but i was secretly loving the song locked away in my room as all my friends hated it (fools!) shortly later i lost the cd and i didnt think of good old katatonia again for a fair time then i listened to it again and i loved it again just real love not just hey this is great music love. since then iv bought viva.. and tonights decision and downloaded brave murder day and lfdgd. great stuff. wish id just not been a prick at first so i could have enjoyed for longer.