How did you discover Katatonia?

First time I heard Katatonia years ago, I remember that I didn't like it that much back then. Friend of my brother was listening to Katatonia's For Funerals to Come and I had to ask him if it was the same band that I heard a while ago, it was. Then I forgot whole band again, this time, for years.
At summer of 2004, my pal told my that he had found good band..surprisingly called Katatonia. I noticed that Katatonia was on the Nummirock-festival, so I took time and went to see them. I fell in love. It was perfect. After the festival I went through all the recordstores in my hometown and found Brave yester days. I had to buy it. And today, Katatonia is one of my favbands. :>
i went to a Cd store, and there they were playing Katatonia's
"Discouraged ones" album, and i tought it was so awesome, but i wasn't
carrying enough money to buy it, because i wanted Opeth's Lamentation
DVD, so i thought "i'll wait a whole week to buy it",
but before the week ended, George (my boyfriend)
gave me that album, so i was so happy about it, and i loved it so much that i
bought Katatonia's Tonight's Music album

those two are my fave ones!!! :)
was Through Australia's public youth station Tripple J,. But that station is sell out crap like everything eles. There was 3 hours of power though, the late timeslot for mostly straight metal.
Heard Tear Gas. 1st song of Katatonia. At that time I also discovered Amorphis (Am Universum) and Opeth (Blackwater park era).
Up until this point I had a preference for melodic rock /aternative bands. But mostly everything was mainsteem nonsense, this was the time when Rap Rock /Metal was popular - DO you remember that era , The craze did not last long hey... Now it's Emo.
But yeah I realised if I was professing not to be into Mainstreem and digged talent I would have to give metal a go. Hearing Tear Gas was a good start to discover there were actually talented bands out there. I went to (when you could downlaod songs for free onto your hard drive) and downloaded I break. I was amazed as it was a vocal delivery style nevr heard before in terms of the execution, style, echoing backing vocals.

At this time Last Fair Deal Gone Down happeneded to be for sale at Sanity - Yes that's right Sanity. Anyone from Auz will tell you, you have no chance of getting a CD like that in Sanity now. They like sell top 100 stuff now only. I ordered Dicouraged Ones throught he same store. The rest yeah kinda went from there
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stumbled across some roadsign in some weird country, letters had fallen off.. they were forming the word '3e9becncn134c' which was to be pronounced in the native language as 'katatonia'. i decided first to search for cookies with this brand/name, couldn't find em. started googling and found this band
It was in the summer of 2003 when my brother and I were playing NHL '97 (on Sega Genesis!) and he put on a burned off copy of Last Fair Deal Gone Down. I dug it, so I borrowed the CD and listened to it twice a day for about a month. I was looking around for some CDs to listen to, and stumled upon a burned off copy off Viva Emptiness. I listened to most of it and dug it (but not as much as Last Fair Deal Gone Down.) From then on all i listened to was Last Fair Deal Gone Down (Murder and Rainroom was also on my computer so I was also listening to their death metal as I was a huge Opeth fan) until 2006 when I found out that Katatonia was releasing a new album. I pre- ordered it and I was blown away.

During the summer, I went to Newfoundland for a couple weeks and headed to HMV towards the end of the trip and found Viva Emptiness (which now can't ge enough of and probablly enjoy it more than Last Fair Deal Gone Down) and The Black Sessions (which i tried ordering last year but the douchebags at HMV here woudn't order for me and I was too nice to start any shit with them.) And last month I ordered Brave Murder Day but it hasn't come in yet. Anywho... that's how I became sold to Katatonia.
TheGreatColdOpeth said:
I went to a children of bodom show with a few friends on 11/12/05. On the way back my friend justin the driver put in LFDGD and disspossession came on, i was like 'wow man thats pretty mellow but damn is it good,who is it?" He turns around and says "katatonia...with a K not the other band catatonia,these guys are from sweden and they rule". So he sent me that song and sweet nurse and i had them lying around on a mix disc up until this past july, when i got an immense cash flow from 2 jobs and i ordered LFDGD and got it 2 days after me and my girlfriend of 3 years broke up,that cd was very fitting for the time. Well then i got TGDC and then blacksession and then i bought all the rest of them at once. Sorry for the long rant.
Francis Xavier said:
At this time Last Fair Deal Gone Down happeneded to be for sale at Sanity - Yes that's right Sanity. Anyone from Auz will tell you, you have no chance of getting a CD like that in Sanity now.
I have a friend who works at Sanity and he says that they stock Katatona. I keep saying “Bullshit, there is no way you stock Katatonia”. Maybe he is right.
One of my friends recommended them to me, and I got the Last Fair Deal Gone Down-album. I did not really know very much about music back then (I think I had just turned 15), and at first I didn't care much for them. I thought the album had a "nice" atmosphere, but I didn't think it was my kind of music, as I listened much to doom in the vein of MDB and Anathema then. A year later I started to listen to that album again, and now it's one of my favourite albums of all time. As Katatonia is one of my favorite bands of all time as well.
i just downloaded a bunch of tabs from a website , and i was checking the "k" folder for kreator tabs ,then i just noticed the name...and then i just listened without god and i just fell with it...then i went to fye looking for any katatonia album and i did not find any since they were sold out...then i just reduced myself to download a couple of songs .......but now i have completed my kata collection...:p