Katatonia lyrics


Cornered within
Dec 2, 2001
So which Katatonia album has your fav. lyrics?

I've got a feeling they differ a lot compared to each other...but I only have three albums and my fav. lyrics are on Discouraged Ones.
Somehow I never leave
This deadhouse
Somehow I don't mind being gone
And if you really think you've seen me
I have to prove you
That you're wrong

Discouraged ones.
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My dying groom...are you actually listening to that song? I think I have that cd. My daddie bought me the whole Beatles collection. :lol:

Your daddie has taste ;)
Yeah, I was just listening to the 'White Album'... nobody can beat The Beatles! :)
The lyrics make up 50% of a band's music IMO... if you have great music and bad lyrics, that can kinda ruin the experience for me... same if it's vice versa lol.
But the Katatonia lyrics I can identify with most are Black Session & the Future of Speech... actually, pretty much anything on Tonight's Decision
it's always so hard to chose! i would say LFDGD because the lyrics seem more mature and also more varied. But I also like the style in BMD, it's so essential and bleak...
Do and TD have other great lyrics, but sometimes I must read them with caution, they are so terribly depressing, TD is one of the darkest albums ever.
I think I should also mention the lyrics of the Eps, "Sulfur" and "Help me disappear" are among my favourite.
And last but not least " quiet world" and " at last", that proves that also Anders is a talented lyricist.
Lfdgd for me I think.... I just love the feeling of the lyrics combined with the song structure, but As I said some other time, I think that Jonas is one of the best lyricist out there(after the king, nick cave ofcourse).... And to continue with the beatles thing
I`m listening to "when my guitar gently weeps"
I think I should also mention the lyrics of the Eps, "Sulfur" and "Help me disappear" are among my favourite.

That's right, they are among the best, my mind must have skipped the EPs somehow...
salvation for a lonely sinking kind
all my duties be done
a few years of take
never leaving again you're forever
- last resort

always makes me wanna cry :cry: