What new Katatonia to get?


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May 4, 2001
Echo Park
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I've been a fan of KATATONIA for years but lost track of them after 'Discouraged Ones', which I wasn't that into when I heard it (although my musical tastes have broadened in the past few years so I may like it this time around).
With that said, which album of theirs should I get next and why?
what he means to say is, get Tonight's Decision, then after that get the new one, last fair deal gone down. they're both great and i rate them as some of the best albums i've ever heard, so thats why, you won't be dissapointed if you like Discouraged Ones, Last Fair Deal gone down takes a few listens though, before you realise that it was the best album of last year. i dont understand why your here and not in the record shop buying the album already...
Doh, I am so stupid! What ever possessed me to ask such a dumb question? :rolleyes:

Seriously, I asked why because I thought someone would be able to give me some insight (similarities/differences, how has the music/composition progressed, etc.) on their newer material as opposed to their older material.

Instead I get a dumbass comment that was better left unsaid.

btw: Thanks for the input Transparent........
As for style I don't think it matters much which of the two albums released after Discouraged Ones you buy first, cause both albums are a continuation of that style and both are excellent.

So I'd just go for the chronological order and buy Tonight's Decision and LFDGD the week after...
They all basically have the same atmosphere, but I think Jonas's vocals have improved a lot over the years. I love Discouraged Ones, but it sounds a little rough in some ways (to my ears). Tonight's Decision has better production, but sometimes it reminds me too much of a heavier Cure. I think Last Fair Deal Gone Down has the tightest sound, and Jonas vocals sound more like just himself than Robert Smith.
With all that said, I love all three albums. So I think you should get them all. (but maybe in reverse chronological order...)
I prefer "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" to "Tonight's decision", better production and every track could be a hit, I really like all of them.
But I can't deny that also TD is a very good album, for many fans it is considered their best, even if for me among some awesome and "classic" songs there are others that i don't find so special...but it's only a personal opinion...
I agree with llamaura that Jonas has improved a lot on LFDGD and his way of singing has become more personal and also the sound is more powerful, and you will also notice that the drummer has done a very good job, Daniel is extremely talented!
Electronics have also been used more in their latest album, so some tracks like " We must bury you" sound a bit " experimental" and strange, not the usual Katatonia sound...