How did you get into Katatonia?

Infinite_Submit said:
Katatonia is such a great band. I dont think everybody should listen to them because they are in my opinion a very cereberal and complex band. You have to feel their music, feel the emotions that the music brings out, you just dont sit down and listen to it, you have to feel it. i let one of friends listen to Last Fair Deal Gone Down and he said he didnt get really into it, which i thought was total blasphemy, just because he didn't feel the emotions. When i listen to any of Katatonia's albums i feel the emotions that surge through their songs, not many bands can put emotions into their songs like Katatonia can. But thats my opinion, i could be wrong. Jonas, Anders, Fred, and the rest of the band are total fucking geniuses.

My Favorite Bands in order:
1. Katatonia
2. October Tide
3. Anathema
4. Opeth
5. Sentenced
6. Diabolical Masquerade
7. Daylight Dies
8. Rotting Christ
9. Tiamat
10. Ulver
Nice top ten i must say.

I quite dont remember the 1st time or when, but it was about 6y ago when a friend borrowed me is cd.
I read a review in a French mag (Hard Rock mag.) on Discouraged. They said that this album wasn't even depressive -because the word was far not strong enough to describe this music- and that it was sth beyond depression, almost dead. They also said that Paradise Lost were happy fellows and the Black Sab had invented musical comedy compared to Discouraged One. I guess this was the right album for s.o. like me to listen to... :D
as I was wandering through my buddy's mp3 files,a song title 'without God ' caught my eye was love at first sight..that song and and rest of the Dance of December Souls album were great inspirations for my taste of music... :worship:
A friend of mine send "One Year from now".
And there after i had the song for 1 year or so.
After that, i listen to the song agian and i dicovered that i like the song and went to the nearest cd-store and bought Tonight's Decision and Viva Emptiness.

And now, Katatonia is my favorite band and i cant get enough from them.
I got into them through Opeth, really. I heard about Mikael doing vox for Brave Murder Day, and gave it a listen. After that, I had to get the rest of their stuff.
my god, this thread is so old !!! my post on the page #1 is one of the my first posts here on ultimatemetal (o the nostalgy...)

i'm glad that its resurrected, its nice to re-read posts from some ppl who were here at the very beginning of katatonia forum, and now missed

I was into MDB, old Amorphis, Edge OF Sanity in 1994, had only just found out about the metal scene overseas and how bad it really sucks here in America...I heard Dan Swano mention their name in an interview and got their for funerals to come cd from Relapse records mailorder, then drove up to LA and got december souls at this underground metal store......been completely hooked on Katatonia ever since, and they seem to just keep getting better...damn!
A few months ago my boyfriend sent me the whole viva emptiness CD,
then I just fell in love with all their music and have three CDs

viva emptiness
last fair deal gone down
Tonight's decision

They are really one of the best bands I have ever heard. I'm looking forward to hearing more... :)
discouraged1 said:
Maybe it would be interested for you to know my favourites
(In not specific order):
In the Woods...
The 3rd and the Mortal
the Gathering
My Dying Bride

There is a lot of others, such as Amorphis, Blazing Eternity, Autumnblaze, Arcturus, Sentenced, Moonspell,etc. ,but the 1st 13 are THE one in my collection.

great list of bands, I have at least one cd by every band you listed (some of them were a pain to get my hands on being here in California). you might like the wounded too if you haven't heard them, their second album monument is kinda like katatonia, anathema, and the cure mixed together.
A friend of me bought DANCE OF DECEMBER SOULS and back then it was a huge original and dark release... I listened to it the whole winter... The melancholic music totally fitted the cold weather outside... Mmm... Nostalgia!!!
Funny, I made my first post ever on UM in this thread, or at least a thread with the same subject, but it's not in here anymore.. not in this thread at least.. weird.

Anyway, I got into them reading about them in (Underground) magazines, the description of their sound really appealed to me so when I saw it I bought either DODS or the Jhva Elohim Meth EP, don't remember which one I bought first..

When BMD came out I was sceptical about it for a long time and it took me a looooooong to appreciate it, but now I do. Same with Discouraged Ones, I actually didn't even buy it at first, but when I read such great things about it, I went and bought it. Also Tonight's Decision I didn't buy straight when it came out, cause I thought it would just be a lesser DO, how wrong I was! The other albums were bought right when they came out.
A friend gave me a copy of the V.E. album. I thought it was good at first, threw it aside for a while. then put it on repeat one night when i was goin to sleep, woke up and the lyrics were embedded in my brain. Since then I've been on a hunt to catch as much katatonia as I can. I think it's fair to say, that they have never released a bad song :) site, metal forum. I saw there name and downloaded some MP3 from kazaa, mostly from the album "Viva Emptiness". I liked it, but as I got more into metal i kinda forgot them. I heard them, and i hated the songs. I got a CD from a friend with "Brave Murder Day", "Last Fair Deal(...)" and half of "Discouraged Ones". I heard and wath amazed. i downloaded all the songs and bought all the albums except "Viva Emptiness". And I'm planning on buying "Saw You Drown" and "For Funeral's To Come EP"
I got interested in Katatonia with their song 'Criminals'. My brother was playing it, and I just asked him who it was. He told me, I went out and bought 'Viva Emptiness', and I have been hooked ever since. That was about...2 years ago...
I first saw Katatonia when they were in town at a show, saw them live, tis the best way :Spin: