Alexi's barbed wire tattoo,

Oh I'd look twice..most certainly. Henkka's has some sort of 'hot' appeal but Alexi has a cute thing going on. Could be the smile..can't really pinpoint it but he's well handsome imo. :oops: .
I was more attracted to his personality,as seen in the Trashed,Lost vid though tbh.
Not that the fact that he writes and plays what's probably my favourite music in the world didn't come first place.

These are sooo sexy.
Basically, although Alexi doesn't have a lot of weight on him per se, it seems to me that the weight that he does carry has a good amount of fat percentage relatively speaking. So, in a sense he's "skinny," but at the same time he's "fat" in that he doesn't have a high muscle-to-fat ratio. Hence titties =)