Anyone feel like some March Metal Madness?

I think Tate was at his best in the beginning with the EP thru Operation Mindcrime. The Warning and Rage For Order fall in there as well.

The EP pretty much sounds Maiden inspired, and The Warning has an old school feel as well.

Rage For Order was pretty experimental for it's time, but is a great disc. They kind of had a gothic influence here are there, and used a lot of strange sound samplings. This disc was way ahead of it's time. Neil Kernon produced it, and it's one of his top achievements to this day.

Operation Mindcrime is my favorite from Queensryche ... I take it you already know it well. If not it's a buy or die type disc .. one of the best efforts in metal, and still standing the test of time very well.


I only have Operation Mindcrime and Empire. Rage For Order sounds interesting coming from a fan, I 'll have to check it out.
This reminds me of my disappointment when the "Three Tremors" project never happened.

This project is still on the backburner. Jason Slater (producer and co-writer of Mindcrime II) was writing some tunes for Tate and vocalists for a full-on, metal project last year. The other two singers weren't specifically named, but Slater said Tate would need to bring his A-game since both were "metal as fuck."

Unfortunately, until Queensryche settles down from the constant touring/new album schedule, we won't see this project for a long time.
Dio smokes the chronic? I didn't know that.....

Definitely pick up QR's RAGE FOR ORDER!
I love that album.
It is a bit experimental and might take a bit to get into, but once it clicks, it owns!

Just ignore the band photos though..... :lol:
This is the first time I've heard of this as well. I knew all about the seances and drugs with Balckmore but that was the 70s. I never heard of Dio "The pothead".