Avant-garde metal

Vegard Pompey

Feb 26, 2008
I love avant-garde metal, stuff like Sigh, Arcturus and In The Woods. Please tell me of any great avant-garde bands you know about that I don't.
Ved Buens Ende is a fantastic band that I only just discovered the other day, I highly recommend them.


I guess Winds would count. Ephel Duath, Fantomas, Peccatum, Dodheimsgard and Blut Aus Nord might all interest you too.
I just made this thread, and I already got three replies? I love this forum. I'll be sure to look into your recommendations.
I'll bite with maudlin of the Well

but to be honest there is no such thing as avant-garde metal.
I listen to a lot of experimental/avant-guarde metal, but based on the ones you listed I don't know how much you would like some of my recommendations. I'lll list them anyways, as I may be wrong:

Ved Buense Ende - Meloncholy black metal that incorporates a lot of dissonant and twisted riffs.
Peccatum - One of Ishahn's now disbanded projects. I know there are some people here who would argue that this band is shit, but they were pretty brilliant if you ask me.
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Not completely metal but when they are, it's pretty crazy. They blend elements of dark folk, Rock In Opposition (RIO), prog rock, No Wave (in a song or two), amoung other things. I don't know if you'll like them though. They are really deep in the whole avant-garde stuff.
Unexpect - These guys are all over the place drawing influences from classical, jazz (at times), carnival music, even gipsy music. Pretty out there, yet still somewhat accessable.
Also, I know I've been talking about The Axis of Perdition a lot lately, but they really blow my mind. Great avant-garde metal that's scary as hell. Maybe the darkest music I've ever heard. If you don't like dark ambient music, then I wouldn't recommend them to you. While they are very much a metal band, they also have a strong dark ambient presence as well.
perhaps, but their influence on the genre is pretty undeniable

should be noted, however, that M-A considers them metal