prog rock and avant-garde metal

black night

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Sep 30, 2006
any suggestion of under prog rock bands from the 70's to actually? try to don't tell me bands like pink floyd, Vdgg, genesis, etc. only underground or underrated bands...
and some of avant-garde metal bands, here you can tell me of the most popular too, because i'm just getting into it
thanks! :kickass:
Diablo Swing Orchestra
Diabolical Masquerade

also Devil Doll if you consider them Metal.
Camel and Comus for 70s though everyone should know about Camel by now.

And I'm never clear on what makes a band avant-garde instead of just progressive so I'll abstain. Like, Diabolical Masquerade...I have no fucking idea what makes Anders Nystrom's stuff any more progressive than other stuff - literally the only unique things is the fact that one of the albums is split up into a shitload of tracks even though it could just as easily be like 15 songs.
From my understanding; Avant-Garde is more the unconventional type, and Progressive is more complexity and changes.
Not an expert on Prog Rock, but I do reviews for, so I hear a lot in that department.

My personal favourites are maudlin of the Well (their latest album is free to download)
Ved Buens Ende
Ne Obliviscaris
The Fractured Dimension
For some good 70s prog, look into Jethro Tull.

As far as avant-garde music goes, I don't like the term. As far as I'm concerned, every good band should try and be avant-garde in some way. Bands that are extraordinarily avant-garde eventually just end up creating their own genre.

Here are some bands that are typically referred to as "avant-garde:"
Diabolical Masquerade
In the Woods...
Negura Bunget