Benighted - For 70 Minutes?

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May 1, 2001
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Just curious, am I the only one here who would absolutely love an Opeth CD, that was nothing but songs like Benighted and Harvest? I absolutely love the melodies, and the guitar solos on both of these songs.

I must say that I would not love it. Sure - I love the acoustic songs on the albums but they're pale if you compare then to the others. Opeth is so much more than nice acoustics. The acoustic songs definately have a place on each album and the whole album wouldn't be the same without it. (good to catch your breath to... ;) But a whole acoustic album? No thanks.

I'd buy an 100% acoustic album made by Mikael and would probably enjoy it, but I'd rather see that it was released as a side-project (under another name) than as an Opeth album.
I don't know if I would like the acoustics as much if they did a whole album with it. In Opeth songs I really look forward to the acoustic parts, after all the great loud mayhem they produce. I wouldn't want anything differant but i'm sure the album would still be brutal in it's own way just with acoustic guitars.
There are always people saying that. People were asking about it at the show here in denver. He talks about it interviews and stuff. I think it would be terrible. Not opeth at all. I like harvest, but thank god its only 6 minutes long. I like the heavy shit and his death vox are some of he best out of sweden (tagtgren and swano being some of the others). It wouldn't sound like opeth. He mentioned a side project where he might do somethign like this though with some guys from bands i didn't recognize...
I heard something about Mikeal doing a side projcet that would be that kind of stuff. It would involve members of other bands (can't think of who exactly right now) and it sounds really cool. I'm looking forward to it:)
I believe in Opeth's music, every element compliments eachother. Like other's have said, sure I'd definately buy an album of all acoustic music done by either Pete, or Mikael but it would not exactly be the same thing as Opeth(I bought Thou Shalt Suffer(all keyboard neo classical music) and enjoyed it but would in no way expect Emperor to change to doing all symphonic music). I think that's why Opeth fans are so open minded, if it was all one element then their would be a lack of certain fanbase. On the other hand if it was all non-acoustic then I don't believe they would have gained the fans that they presenty hold today. I am so happy that , for once, here is a band that has excellent death metal vocals plus the guy can really sing...and it's good! Unlike when I experienced some other groups where the vocal change just completely ruined the band direction. I love songs like "Benighted", "Harvest" (and the parts in "The Moor" where Mikael does the "woo woo wah -woooo's" ) I think those parts are priceless and beautiful but as are some of my favourite kick ass riffs (every riff in Nectar, beginning of Advent, the part in " The Leper Affinity" where they do the awesome pull off's, etc, etc!) .

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oh I forgot to mention:
Isn't Mikael doing that side project with the guy from Spiritual Beggars or something?

I'm not sure if we're talking about the same thing, but Mikael is doing a project (called Bloodbath) with Anders Nystrom (Katatonia), Jonas Renske (Katatonia) and Dan Swanö. They have an EP out through Century Media.
Yeah that EP is great, to short but worth the money. But we are talking about a whole differant side project that hasn't released anything yet.
This is a cut and paste from a post of mine in another thread somewhere...

I take it that most people are familiar with the side project he's going to be engaging in? He'll be working with (according to his interview with BW&BK magazine) the keyboardist from Spiritual Beggars and a guitarist named Reine Fiske. Elsewhere he referred to it as "that all quiet Opeth album that Opeth will never do".
Oh yeah. And I also seem to remember reading somewhere that way back when Opeth was with Candlelight there were rumours that Candlelight wanted them to do a double album - one CD all acoustic and the other "normal" Opeth. Not that this really means anything now, but I thought it was an interesting note to throw out.
I could listen to a full cd of Opeth with just acoustic/clean songs on it but then I'd get sick of it quick and want some distortion in it , I like songs that are structured like To bid you Farewell , clean at first , distortion , a small bit of clean , distortion , and ending in clean .
Originally posted by The Wanderer
I like the heavy shit and his (Mikelas) death vox are some of he best out of sweden (tagtgren and swano being some of the others).

Yep, Mikael's truely a vocal master. Manages it very well live too!
...and not to mention Peter Tagtgren... Hypocrisy is one of the best "pure" death metal bands IMO. I love song like Evil Invaders and Deathrow No Regrets (the part where he sings "no remorse, no regrets" is soooo good. I can picture it perfectly; an outcast from society, sits on deathrow.. but still - he isn't sorry for anything.. hehe).
And Dan Swanö.. he's a legend in death metal. Nothing more to say.

(and the parts in "The Moor" where Mikael does the "woo woo wah -woooo's" )
yeah.... it's so cosy. =)
How about those "woooo's" right before "In this forEST where wolves cry their agony unto the moon..." I love those!

On another note, I'd be lying if I said I'd like an all acustic album. I really do love it, but I think what makes me love it is that you never know (at least on first listen) when it's going to blast into growls and bass beats! Hell, even when you know, it's great. I get sicked up right before the faster parts start. I wouldn't want to miss that in any new albums.

An all acustic album would be interesting though. I'm dying to hear what happens when they get that Bloodbath going! :heh:
I´d love to listen to a "mellow" acoustic version of Opeth, but I also think that this only could happen alongside of Opeth, differently named. The project with the Landberk/Beggars-guys seems to be something, that dives even deeper into 70´s Prog-obscurities (if you see the musical background of his sidemen). I really can´t await it.