BRI played live


Aug 12, 2003
NJ, usa
I know the most the guys have played of Black Rose Immortal in concert is only a few minutes. If they have an idea that years down the road, some tour they are about to embark on, will be their last, I definetly think BRI would be incredible to be the encore. Fans having never heard such this great song live, and then having them play it as the last song on the last tour?..pretty awesome feeling.
That would be awesome, there are so many cool parts in BRI like the clean part around 10mins and the deathscream in the end. It gives me chills.
bangadrian said:
if BRI ended at exactly 14:48, it would be a jillion times better.
Although I still believe the whole song fucking owns, almost were right...

bangadrian said:'s probably the most overrated opeth song
...But inevitably, you screwed it... and NO, IT'S NOT.

I'd love to see them playing alive BRI, totally awesome.
Moonlapse said:
Perhaps a 'live-edit' version? Cut it down to 10 mins :lol:

Heh yeah, like just the second half maybe. I think it was Decadent who said it, but this song should have been divided into chapters/movements. Id rather hear both The Night And The Silent Water and Nectar for that sort of time usage. Either way, i just want to actually see them some day!
Trey Parker said:
if BRI was 12 minutes long, it would be just another opeth song. the fact that it reaches the 20 minute mark gives it a bunch of attention and thus is overrated vastly

You asshole, why do you even come here if you don't like Opeth? In fact, I bet you aren't really Trey Parker!