Calmsite East Coast USA Tour?

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May 17, 2002
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Jukka can use this thread/post to see how he can get others to help him with 5 or more shows out here. William was once helping but is very busy working on his band and other time consuming/promising projects.

I will do my best to help as well. I know we can probably get a show in Massachusetts and TGER said they can help with Philly...

I just posted this to help us figure out if this will happen - I'm not sure if we have someone with enough resources/time to manage the whole thing from our side of the ocean.
yes. we talked about earlier doing a small US tour in the summer. And we need help with it. 5 or more shows. Lets see what happens..
Perhaps CS can get in on this:

Black/Death Festival in NY May 20

Hi, This is Matt Carlino From Nephillim. I am putting together a Black/Death Festival about 20miles north of Manhattan at the Anthony Wayne Rec Center. It is an outdoor venue capable of holding 10,000+ people. There will be spots for vendors for anything from medieval weapons/shirts/food and alcohol, and were looking for about 15 bands to play. currently were in the process of booking the show and have many bands in mind to play it.

I’m writing to ask you if you have any bands on your label that would be interested in playing. or if you would like to set up a vendor booth at the festival. I am familiar with most of the bands on your label from your first compilation cd and more specifically am interested in Spazmosity and Born of Thorns.
Please call me at 845-558-8030 if you have any questions or would like more information.

Thank you

Matt Carlino
RE: RE: Black/Death Festival in NY May 20
Body: Just wanted to send you some more info on what we have been doing to set up the show.

Some of the bands that we have been in contact with, in respect to
>>performing are:
>>Blood Throne
>>Kult ov Azazel
>>Averse Sefira
>>Dying Fetus
>>I.C.E (Imperial Crystalline Entombment)
>>Vital Remains
>>Symphony X
>>Hate Eternal
>>Severed Savior
>>Cannibal Corpse
>>Forest of Impaled
>>Super Joint Ritual ( I know, but it's Phil...)

The Festival will begin at approx. Noon on the 20th of May, 2006, and run far into the night. There will be REASONABLY PRICED beer ($3 bud pints)
and food, a Jager truck, a Becks Truck, dozens of shot girls, strippers,Suicide Girls,
professional Porn Stars via Romantic Depot, wet
contests, Best Corpse Paint contest, an Absynthe Raffle, and many more
excellent things...

Vendors will include:

Tattoo and Piercing
Clothing and Music Distros
Jewelry/Silver Shops
Motorcycle Custom Shops
Armor and Weapons Vendors
Fetish Shops
Leather Craftsman
Smoke Shops
National and International Distrobution companies
National and International Record Labels
89.5 WSOU Seton Hall Pirates Radio
Oui! Magazine
Several National Radio reps
Several National Magazine reps
Possible Chris Angel Appearance (still working out the details, dont worry, only magic, no music...)
Possible Juliya of Uranium, FUSE Network
Red Bull Girls
and the list goes on...

Bands and crew will be provided with Food and Drink Vouchers.The show is only going to cost about $25, so the turn out will be rediculous. People are already starting to talk about this... Word of Mouth, Internet...

>>Promotions are in the works, with advertising in the following

Metal Edge
Pit Magazine
The Aquarian
Metal Hammer
Grimmoire Magazine
HIgh Times
Metal Maniacs
Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles
Carolyn Sinclair of Hustler
Stepping Out Magazine
Motor Marketing
Outsider Magazine

Also, there are several websites that we will be dealing with,
including, and
We are also in the process of developing a website specifically for

POC for Death in the Forest Fest is as follows:

TJ Morris 845-642-0260 cell
845-942-8914 home
845-429-8278 fax (call first and let me know)

Matt Carlino 845-558-8030 cell

Alex Novick 845-548-9203 cell

Ken Valentine 201-739-4606 cell

Frankie's Bar 845-735-2122 business
845-735-2123 fax (call first and let me know)

This is the first festival in the New York area specifically designed towards Black Metal and Death Metal. Every Vendor will cater towards our unique standpoint on life. The facility is located directly off of the Palisades Interstate Parkway -exit 17, IN THE WOODS. There will be a
portable stage set up, with excellent live sound and experienced
Everything professional.

No corners will be cut on this Festival. Its going to be fucking

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From: Oak Knoll Productions
Date: Jan 24, 2006 1:47 PM

Spazmosity is from Sweden and Born of Thorns is from Finland...
One of my Finnish bands might come over here in May.. Calmsite.

I do have some more local bands..
I'll try to call you soon..

will do.. I only get 3 slots for the fest and we weren't sure if CS would be here for May.. So I put in 3 band names already (I thought you guys were aiming for summer which is more like june, july, august). Anyhow.. please post your DITF comments on the thread for the fest. I'll hook up the guys with your cd.
we are aiming june/july, but that festival sounded cool. so we thought that we can ask about it.