Calmsite East Coast USA Tour?

guys from green evening offered help with the shows. thats cool...thanks. We had a meeting about this and we are coming there if we can work everything out. And thanks to everyone who has offered us a helping hand..
Jukka said CS is arriving May 18 and can do shows a couple days after the fest. He will clarify things here. Jukka, where you flying into? New York? We have to look at where you'll be staying. I live a couple hours north of there ( I think 3 to 4). Maybe Matt, William and Evan can help with some ideas etc. Shroud will be on tour then in the Detroit area.
It seems that we are going to play death in the forest fest and we would like to do 2-3 dates after that. Festival is may 20th and it would be nice to get those dates after that. we would be probably arriving may 18 to US and would be there about a week...
So here is some ideas I laid out for Jukka:
Fly into NY May 18th. Party in NY city - stay over the 18th and 19 in the city. (you'll need to rest after the flight and gives you time to gear up for the weekend). Depening on which day of the fest you are playing.. unless you want to sneak in a show Friday nite. We'll need to find someone that can give you a NYC show if you want to.

Sat am - find a way to get to the fest, cab, train ,etc. Maybe someone in the fest can pick you up or help you.

Sleep over at the fest? it's a campground.

Leave Monday am to your next place? PA? VA, NJ?
I'm hoping Evan, Matt, Eric Chun? William or anyone can help find some shows Monday, Tuesday? Then after you play down there.. if you want.. come up to Boston. Shroud/Dan or some of my contacts can find you a show here. You can find a place to stay up here also. Then leave from Boston home on Thursday.

You said you can't drive here without license. I heard they actually have temp licenses as well but we'll have to find a solution to that. I personally can't drive you around since I'm at work Monday to Friday but with some flexibility. PLUS you have 5 guys..

so anyone reading this.. please put your opinion and ideas in. Thanks for your help!
if everything goes as planned, we are arriving thursday may 18th and leaving friday 26th. We need help with gear cause we cant bring anything because of the customs..
Hey Bruce! Can you do some interviewing or something also? And thanks for helping us with the gear.

I'm going to talk to my singer Laura and see if she can fill a date for you guys in Fredricksburg at this joint called KC's... I can't promise anything..but i'll see what I can do..
Schedule so far
May 18 flight arrives in NY
May 20th DITF
May 22 NYC - Club Rare
May 23rd Spyder ROom in Manchester, NH with Scourge
May 24th O'Brien's Boston with Shroud, Scourge and Hiss of Atrocities
May 26th flight leaves NY

does that sound right? I'm trying to get Beyond the Flesh to play the 23rd
or Fireborn (they need gas money guarantee)

Perhaps we can invite BTF, Fireborn, Hung, and the other bands to this forum/thread.