Candles on the Ghost Reveries cover...


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Sep 14, 2008
Boston, MA
I did a search before posting this and couldn't find anything, but if it has been mentioned before, sorry for the repeat thread.

I was looking at the Ghost Reveries flag in my room and I thought of an interesting coincidence about the artwork.

There are 5 candles, and two of them are very close to dying out, but not completely out yet.

5 people in Opeth, and soon after the release of Ghost Reveries, two of those people leave the band.

Is this a stupid thought or something interesting to think about? :cry:
Just a coincidence. If you stare long enough you'll see anything.
there a 5 candles, 2 small ones, 3 tall ones.... 23! (The number of the illuminati! )

Nevertheless an interesting discovery... Maybe Travis is into Voodoo or controlls the band by hypnosis or something like that.