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Apr 16, 2001
West Palm Beach, FL
Lets get back to work kids........

The drum track is done and up on myplay. The one that is up there now has Hyde used for the intro, just to give a good reference. I will post one without Hyde too.

oh the drum track matches up with Hydes entire example track too so if you wanna get a good idea what it sounds like, have a listen

thats all for now:)

Didn't know we were doing this project...I must have missed it. Who all is involved? Just curious..and want to add to the status page.

MaidenMan!!!!!! Incredible drumming!! One pedal or two????
I'm amazed, I mixed in my example and it matched up really well, except for my flubs.

rabies: You don't remember this one???

I believe this was originally started by crossy, and then constantine, myself, and maidenman jumped in.
I'm goign senile.

I remember you recorded a demo or something..sounded pretty accurate...I didn't think you guys were actually gonna do the song though. Cool.

Glad to see you around hyde. I am waiting on Const (or MM if you ahve it) to mail the Eagles bass track. I was also gonna let you record your guitar part you can teach me how to play it right. ;)
Hyde........I was really impressed with your example track, great job.

one pedal or two? well I'd love to say one but McBrain is perhaps the only drummer who can do those patterens with one foot.
so the answer is two:) I dont have the bass for eagles yet
Can't wat to hear it! :)

Rabs: By the way, I'll be needing your status page soon for the website. I'll e-mail ya when I'm ready. I uploaded the new pages I have to fortunecity for now, so if you'd like a peek, feel free. I'm really not all that happy with it, but it was peiced together in the bits of time I've had to work on it. Still I guess it's better than what we had before, and I'll continue to add/improve it. :)
Hey Guys.
Just downloaded the drum track. Great double bass playing MM.

I'm sorry I have not sent out the bass track for Eagles, I've been busy with the store this week. Today is the Canadaian Thanksgiving. It is the busiest week in retail.

Things slow down again, and I get the bass track out for Eagle shortly.

I can't wait to get started on this one. I love playing triplets.

take care
God watch over the trops overseas.
Oh crap Constantine! I'm sorry, I noticed on the calander today that it was the Canadian Thanksgiving, and I meant to wish you and your family a nice holiday, and to be honest somewhere between 7AM this morning and 4:30PM when I got home... well, it slipped my mind. Anyway, hope it was great and hope the store did really well too! :)

Sweet AS! Just downloaded the track. Ive been working on finishing a few songs the past week so hopefully there will be a few tracks up for songs I should have finished months ago.

Then I can get onto this one. Awesome playing as usual Jim mate :)
Quick question.
MM, are you using Mr Hyde guitar part for your recording of the drum track?

I'm wondering if I played along with the guitar part will it be intime with the drums?

I know Mr Hyde said he was going to redo the guitar track. If the tracks do not mix together intime, is there a guitar part that can be mixed
with the current drum track that I could use?

This is a long song and timing is everything on this one.

Please advise.
Constantine: I posted a version with my example track and mm's drums together. The only thing I altered was the timing of my final chord, and it seems to fit together good.

The timing isn't perfect but I think it's good enought to record to.
Hi, crossy (do you still go by that or is it back to ironcross?)
have you heard my example? After you first mentioned trying this one, I wasn't sure if I could actually play it, so I started messing around and recorded both rythem guitar tracks, and posted that for feedback.
MM just did his drum track along to the cd, and it matches up to my example track really well. I only had to change the timing of the final chord. I posted that version with his drums and my example track if you want to check it out.

The guitar parts are pretty well separated left and right, and I can do either, I don't really have a preference. The only problem I have with the song is that there is a lot of tremelo bar work and my guitars trem. is pretty much useless, so I don't use it.

Basically there's the intro harmony which is three parts, then the main two guitars which play certain parts differently, and then the two solos. The first one sounds like Dave, and the second sounds like Adrian.
I think Dave's guitars are primarily left and Adrians right, so I can take Dave's parts, and the first solo, or Adrians parts, and the second solo. I don't really have a preference, like I said, but if you have certain parts that you want to play let me know.:)
Call me Crossy. Its just most people call me crossy. I had two user logins for here.. and decided it was too much effort changing all the time. Most people call me crossy :)

If its no trouble.. how about you post one of your tracks. The track you want to do.. and i'll do the other part.

I have the tab from the Powerslave/SIT book. Is that your using?

I think there are 4 solo's. If you want to do 1 and 3. I'll do the others. I still have to learn those.

Ive got the rythem worked out. Ive been playing along with the drum track. I think if we both play all the solo rhytem that will make it better.

Also what effects do you use to get the SIT sound? :)