Caught Somewhere in Time....

Crossy, I don't have any tab. :( I just listened and played what I thought I heard for the most part. When I figured out the parts I tried to imagine how they would play it live, and I it sounded to me like Dave on the left and Adrian on the right. I wish I had a copy of them playing it live, but I don't.

I'll pick a side and play that all the way through, as if I were going to play it live. I'm not sure what you mean by four solos. I hear it as Dave, and Adrian, you know what I mean?
The first whacked out one is Dave up until the more melodic section that starts on E, and then the rest is Adrian, at least that's how I perceive it.:loco:

The sound I used had a little tiny bit of chorus with minimal depth and oscillation, delay, and a little reverb.

When I did my example, I kept screwing up, (nothing new about that) so I recorded in sections without the time based effects so that I could get a better take without having to re-record from the start if I flubbed something. I added the time based effects after I compiled the parts together into a single track.