cd collection

You listen to Anekdoten but don't have a Sinkadus CD! Shame on you!:eek:

I am still trying to get some Anekdoten discs though, so I can't really say anything I guess....
That's an awful lot of cds for one person. I reckon you should send a few to BurzumBeast, he was pretty hurtin' the last time we heard from him.
hmn a cd list:err: , i have one too and theres only one reason to make a list;) , maybe to hand out to people you know and they might ask for certain ones;) . so the big question is hmn how can i put this, ah ha, IF you were to sell them (obviously you dont now) how much would it cost?:D i'd say i would charge £5 and double cds for £7, not that i do:D .
godisanatheist.... i wish i lived near the UK, but i'm kind of stuck here in terrorized america.

and actually there are two reasons to make a list, the second the applicable one (in this case) being that i'm anal that way.... i loooove to make lists, and i'm not sure why.
I have about 600, not counting cassettes, CD-Rs, or slipcase promos. Got a lit too, but it's not on the net and if I posted it, it'd make the topic too long.