Christian metal

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Dodens Grav said:
I will gladly listen to Thrash that talks about pink elephants

Yeah, I just realized that so would I. With no regrets. Nothing about that sounds wrong to me. As long as the riffs are killer, the solos tasteful, and the intensity at 11, I really would not care.

Just think about that for a second. Would a song lose any of its balls-out awesome thrashiness if it was about a pink elephant? If the answer is no, drop the argument and get out. If the answer is yes, drop the argument anyway, but shoot yourself. :p

And da man.
I think the main point here is that we shouldnt classify "Christian"-metal as "Christain"-metal. It should just be metal. In the same light you probably shouldnt call some metal "Satanist"-metal cause youll drive away a crowd sometimes. The main thing in metal music is the MUSIC. Not the words. Im a Christian and Im still saying that. The thing that makes me mad is the little satan-lovers on here that have no problem with bands that sing about satan but get pissed when Christians make music about Jahova(God). What the hell? The only difference is that Jahova made satan(so, why youd want to follow him is beyand me. oh well). Its still metal, it still kicks ass either way. Ive heard plenty of Christian bands that have better musicians than cecular bands. Alot of the cecular bands have better musicians though. I think the bands with the best musicians right now are cecular. Like Iron Maiden or Pantera or Metallica(even though they suck now). Bottom line: Metal is metal. Dont diss a certain band or group cause they have different beliefs than you(even though one might be better than the other). If your a hardcore God-hater then dont listen to Christian music. But dont get on to us for makeing music on what we believe when you do it every day. It seems the largest view held by satanists and atheists is that "Its ok for us to write about hateing your God. But its not OK for you to write about loveing Him." How bout we all just chill and listen to our own music.
I just now noticed the misspelling. I was laughing at the lovely choice of examples of "excellent musicians."
Unfortunately, at you. I'm not certain as to how singing about drugs constitutes a reversal of said band's religious views.
The Bible says you can't do drugs in it ?

Does it say you can't drink Alcohol too. interesting!

Does the bible say what cartoons you can't let your kid watch too.
And no.

The Bible says nothing about drugs. It says not to drink in excess (i.e. just to get drunk), but only in moderation. And obviously cartoons weren't around back then...

*edit* dangit, you beat me to it!!
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