Creating A Monster

Rick Pierpont

Odin's Court Guitar
Oct 1, 2003
Morrisville, NC
Hey guys!

I can't believe I've missed your forum all this time! I spend a considerable amount of time on the BAR Fest forum since we are playing that festival in May as well as the Prog Power USA forum since I attend that every year! Of course I also spend time on our own forum here. Even though we are very busy with the new CD and getting ready for BAR Fest, we haven't been as active on it.

As the title of this thread indicates... I think you all are creating a monster with your new disk! I really, really enjoy all of it and have listened through many times now. The song writing, the production, the heaviness, etc... all make it an awesome disk! Congratulations! Now you have to start playing some shows!

Anyhw, glad to see you've joined the UM family! Welcome aboard!

I'm sure I'll be seeing all of you very soon.