Creepy sounds / parts of songs?

Originally posted by Orchid
I found a few samples at the Panacea's website ( ).. sounds pretty good, heh. I wonder if there are full tracks available somewhere, since it's pretty hard to get the full pic from those short samples. :/

Any of the Napster-like programs. I use WinMX ... other ppl use Audio Galaxy or Imesh ... whatever ... but you should be able to find quite a few of their songs from there. And of anyone's interested in this style or similar, I can point you in the direction of some less violent drum and bass or other electronica.

Two Opeth ones spring to mind. The first one is my favourite bit ever...about 4 mins into Black Rose Immortal after the water sounds. Shit spooky sounding :D

Another one that creeps me out is in Under The Weeping Moon. Can't remember the time...think it's about 3 mins into it. It goes into the quiet bit with the acoustic part...then after a while they start doing this scratchy distortion bit that reminds me of trees falling for some reason. Freaks me out. Ooh ooh and then at the end of that part when there's that little drum bit that switches ears when you listen to it through headphones. How awesome is that part! I love it :D
Opeth are too brilliant for their own good.