Tool - Lateralus

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When I saw them live it was about the most disappointing show ever..Maynard is such an asshole he can't even face his own fans..that guy can fuck himself.

I really like Tool but I must admit you are right, Maynard is an asshole to his fans. When I saw them live he was shuffled out the back of the concert immediately after into this white van and didn't even talk to any fans whatsoever. Bastard, the other Tool guys stuck around to talk to people but Maynard just ran away. He thinks he is too high and mighty, he gives off the impression of being a stuck up prick.
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yay 4 neurosis

Yes, Neurosis are pure genius. I love them. Through Silver in Blood is a masterpiece. Times of Grace and Souls At Zero aren't far behind either.
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Oh and now that I've stopped laughing and before this turns into a Radiohead versus Tool debate, just compare any song on Undertow to any song on Lateralus..then compare any song from any Radiohead album to any other song on any other Radiohead album to see how diverse and unique this band are.

Radiohead appeal to a huge amount of people, and are generally regarded as the most important band in mainstream rock these days. They are by a mile my favourite band ever, making my love for Opeth seem miniscule by comparison. Loads of people are fans of Radiohead, from Michael Jackson to The Dillinger Escape Plan. I'd love to see Tool have the testicular fortitude to come out and release an album to the likes of "KID A".

Undertow and Lateralus sound about as similar as The Bends and OK Computer, probably even more different than those two (and I like all four of those albums and have listened to all of them extensively). Additionally, how about if the two Radiohead albums I picked for your challenge were Kid A and Amnesiac? The band won't own up to it but its obvious that Amnesiac, while a good album, is basically Kid A b-sides. And really, can you explain what's so revolutionary about Kid A? I was a huge fanboy of this album for awhile and thought it was the greatest thing in the universe but I'm past that. It IS a very good album but there's nothing really that mind-blowing about it in my opinion. No Aenima, that's for sure.
Yes, I have to agree. Tool has some good songs but I think they're pretty over-rated and they don't deserve to be called musical geniuses. I bought Lateralus in January and I liked a few songs in it but it pretty much bored me. Like what Soilent said, Neurosis can top Tool ANY day.
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They deserve all the praise they get?! Pshhh..what the fuck ever. You must have the brain of a fucking amoeba..When I saw them live it was about the most disappointing show ever..Maynard is such an asshole he can't even face his own fans..that guy can fuck himself. As for their want real art rock or heavy music that takes more thought rather than complexity...TRY NEUROSIS..Tool should take notes from these guys..that is all.

Does it hurt to be this ignorant? Do you wear a bib to keep from drooling on yourself? Can you possibly comprehend that maynard doesn't face his fans because he practicing a MANTRA, meditating on the music to create the ultimate experience? Do you think he wants people to come and stare at the band and try to catch a guitar pick or hope they get spit on by one of the members? The focus is on the MUSIC, dipshit, not whether or not you can see maynard. The band is secondary, the music and the message are the key.
Lateralus is, in my humble opinion, the best Tool album so far. I would probably give it a solid seven out of a ten. The thing Lateralus has is a diverse sound that the rest of Tool's records lack. And it actually feels like a progressive metal CD.