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Feb 18, 2003
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I check the Tool page at least once a week (waiting for that goddamned DVD), and thought it interesting that somebody sent the below email to "Blair" the webpage guy. I don't mind the mystery of Tool at all, meaning they leave a lot for fans to ferret out on their own.....but I must admit there was hardly any point in him putting this fucking response up. Still, it was not a I thought some might be interested to see it was there....
Below are email and then response....both posted on Tool news site:

14 Jan 04


I've received a lot of emails about this alternate track listing for Lateralus. Here's just one example: "Not sure if you are still perusing the stinking albatross that is these days, but there was a pretty interesting post the other day that I thought I would ask about. This guy pasted a whole spiel of somewhat original thought from his friend about how he tried to pursue a so-called "Holy Gift" that he thinks may have been embedded in Lateralus. In short, he thinks that said "Holy Gift" is a rearrangement of the track listing to better incorporate flow among the concepts and musical aspects of the songs on the album. It was a pretty inspiring read, albeit at times it seemed downright silly (mostly due to the overly flowery wording the guy used, like "Holy Gift.")

I would encourage you to check it out, the subject is "The Depth of Lateralus," posted on the 8th. I'm writing to ask (although I fully expect a vauge, vauge reply) whether this is just another hashing up of a nonsensical riddle that the band members never intended to pose, or if this guy stumbled upon an intended "secret" of the album. I intended to try it out, if only to listen to the album in a new light and look for the patterns he explained (although we both know that if you want a pattern to exist, it will invariably present itself).

First of all, thanks for a very well crafted email. However, my reply to the question is: NO COMMENT (is that vague, vague enough?) The only thing I would say is, concerning this guy's "friend", why do such brilliant people have so much time on their hands? BMB
Blair is famous for fucking around with the whole Tool fanbase on a regular basis. He seems like a nice guy, but when it comes to Tool related questions never expect a straight answer. I posted a review of what I thought of the so called "Holy Gift" on the other thread. My final opinion was "nice idea, but it doesn't execute properly." I'm still slightly vexed that no-one else has bothered to post a breakdown of what they thought. I think a lot of people are influenced by the "mysticism" involved in Tool, while forgetting what makes good musical sense. I would guarantee that if (when Lateralus came out) they had done some psychological study where you played Lateralus in it's original order and then in the "Holy Gift" order, almost all the fans would prefer the normal order because of things like the D/R'/T section and stuff like that. I'm rambling again and wheeee. Hi.