Darkflight/Ars Moriendi split

I think Ivo was trying to show on AM would be on the front of the booklet and DF on the flipside of the booklet. So DF wouldn't be seen until the cd package was opened.. which I don't really like.. I kinda prefer DF on either the front or the back of the outside cd package (meaning DF on the back of the tray card facing out). I think we'll need to pull Thomas into that decision making when we get some prototype going.
In my opinon, both personal and profesional, the Darkflight should be on the front, and AM on the flipside as you say. cover on the back is not a good idea for many reasons. First of all no one ever does it that way, so it will only look like a backside. Originally, I wanted just ONE cover for both bands, and you probably understand now, that would save everyone for much trouble. Of course I understand that each band wants their own cover, but this is after all split, and not to releases packed in one "special price"-edition. Most split 7" at least have just one cover.

Anyway. When it is like this, I think DF should be on the cover for several reason. First and foremost because the cover is a cover people will notice in the shelvs because of the strong colours, and just because its a good cover. I don't say that AM will be worse in any way, but less commercial somehow..hope that makes some sense. Sorry if im sounding negative..hehe.
I agree about DF on the front. I also am very much up for entertaining the effort in trying to put both bands on once cover. Show me what you got :)
I think it's just Thomas (the french label guy) wanted to umm make it balanced according to his ideas. I have just done a split with 2 bands and have used the flip method - one on the front booklet and the other on the back of the insert facing out. SO you can see both covers when you flip a shrinkwrapped unopended cd. let me try to find the link for you. Actually, looking back at the early posts it says you saw the split I have had created. Anyhow.. I think you should put it together the best you can for all to see.. and then we can convince Thomas that things will look better the way we both are thinking (or close to it).
Ivo, Bastien and I had a chat on MSN just a bit ago. Bastien would like to use some Goya artwork in black and white - and put his logo on the top of it. I guess the logo uses black letter old english or some old black letter font. We are trying to track it down. I took PS and took his artwork(I just found out it's a selection you cropped for him) and made a logo. Also I put shadowing on it to make the white logo stand out more on a B&W picture. He also gave me a cover to show me the font example and how far up he wanted the logo. Here they are respectively (meaning the early talked about cover 1st followed by the second image example but using another cover that we won't use). Anyhow.. I guess I'm just writing this to help Bastien explain what he wants. But Ivo was telling me you have most of this covered anyhow. Thanks for all your help.


i have problems uploading and downloading from your ftp recently (i guess my ftp client got fucked up), so you'll have to get it from my ftp (about 150 mb is the whole thing compressed)
The cd is now at the pressing plant. I'm hashing out costs with Thomas and it can start printing anytime soon. Thomas and I are just going over shipping, payments and so forth. Now that the cd is in the hands of the pressing plant there is no stopping.
hm, i just couldn't understand the whole overrun thingie, how can you order 1000 cds and they eventually "by mistake?" press more and they want to CHARGE you for the overrun while you specifically ordered/stated 1000! How it is possible?
the CD was planned for march, now it's july, can you tell me when will it be available?
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I'm very sorry, I can't afford to pay off the remainder to get the cds completed (they were started). My house is being foreclosed on at the end of the month if I don't catch up on my payments. I am very sorry, I've been trying to catch up on all my payments but things are getting worse.

I guess I can send tomas his money.. you guys can press it through whomever you want I failed you and my label probably won't survive, I just hope I can keep my house

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