Demon of the Fall - Best Opeth Song?

There's no way I could ever say one particular Opeth song is my favorite. Demon of the Fall is definitely one of my faves, probably my fave off of MAYH. I tend to have 2 or 3 faves off of every cd. Opeth songs are all so different from one another and each one touches me in its own special way.
I'm amazed at how little mention Karma seems to get from Opeth fans... that minute or so after "you have nothing more to lose" is one of my favourite Opeth moments.

Oh, and incidentally (now that I'm here, I may as well repeat myself), Demon of the Fall is my "show someone with low patience more or less what Opeth sounds like in a 6 minute or less song" song. It's a great great song, but I can't call it the best. What Opeth song IS the best is the hardest question for an Opethian to answer... but "Black Rose Immortal" (I know it's an easy name to give because of the length of the song, not that that matters) is my current answer. The Twilight is my Robe, Advent, To Bid You Farewell, April Ethereal, When, The Moor, Moonlapse Vertigo also all come to mind.
I'm in love with Demon's heartkicking endmelody, but I'd never call it the best Opeth song. Moonlapse Vertigo could be my answer, since it contains the best riff ever made. (Well, maybe not really, but I've decided so.) During "their scorn behind your back....", you know. Wow.
Still, to choose the best Opeth song is kinda blasphemous...:heh:
yea.. great tune, seems to be their big hit or signiture song or something. Demon of the Fall is very representative of Opeth for sure and one of the best, as I'm sure everyone agrees.

Anyway, I've always felt The Amen Corner is extremely underrated. I thought it was the hardest tune to learn to love on mayh, it's the most ugly and dark song I think but also the most beautiful with it's clean part and sorrowfulness.

Does anyone appreciate this tune as much as me? I doubt it.

"It was the only task I would undertake
To reap the harvest that was mine
The seed that sprung into a florid meadow
And left me helpless in your embrace
The bond we never spoke of
Once stark and enticing
Now slowly smouldering to dust

The celetial touch from grey to black
A phantomless void enclosing
Unwritten secrets beneath the cobwebs I cannot endure."

-fucking beautiful! The pain and romance, what a guy.

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Best Opeth song? Hads to be Black Rose Immortal. I love the bit @ the very end where he screams. Pure emotion, beuatiful.

Oh yea, that scream at the end there is amazing and for me totally out does any other vocal on the album. That scream is more indicative of his current abilities and style, which he expressed futher on mayh where I think his vocal ability increase significantly.

It is indeed impossible to choose one _BEST_ Opeth song, since all the albums are actually pretty different in style. Anyway, within the albums, I'm capable of ranking some song(s) above others.

On Orchid it is simple (for me at least) - Apostle in Triumph is the absolute masterpiece, which alone puts that (otherwise slightly inferior album) to the level of the other Opeth volumes.

Morningrise is the hardest case, although it has only five songs to choose from. To Bid You Farewell is great, but as it is so different from the others, it really can't be compared to them. That leaves us four, of which IMHO Advent and Nectar rise above the epic Black Rose Immortal and gloomy Night and the Silent Water. Of those two, it really depends, but at this very moment I like Nectar more.

On My Arms, Your Hearse there's a lot of "almost perfect" songs like When, Demon of the Fall and The Amen Corner, but I think they all lack something. Only Karma rises above that fine line between great and _GREAT_ - thus, my choice for that album would be Karma. Credence is again so special that I didn't take it into consideration - sometimes it is the best song on earth, but sometimes not...

On Still Life it is a hard contest between Moonlapse Vertigo and Serenity Painted Death, which are both incredible. It seems I can't choose at this moment, for I haven't listened the album today...

And on Blackwater Park, I guess it must be Bleak, which I'm listening at this very moment. Or then The Funeral Portrait, but I'm not that far yet. :p

-Villain (np: Bleak, as I said already)
It is very hard to say which is the best Opeth song, I mean, they each have distinctive qualities that make all of them unique and that makes the best fucking metal band since Iron Maidan. But I would have to say, that in my opinion, Moonlapse Vertigo is the best overall song. It's got the best intergration of awsome metal riffs and acoustics. But thats just me.
Demon of the Fall, while being representational of a good cross-section of Opeth's work, has a couple unique features. The opening sound effect/sample is something almost unheard of in Opeth music. It gives the song an almost industrial edge (for the opening, anyway). The opening lyrics are by far heavier than the regular growling, there's some effect there. And finally, there is a repeated chorus in the middle of the song. Though I do love the song, I always found that odd, considering the titles are mentioned as the last lyric of the preceding song, the whole concept-album thing. If I was trying to get someone into Opeth, I'd direct them elsewhere. It may lead them to some incorrect conclusions.

But really, there's no way to say what song is best. I always found the songs off MAYH, Morningrise, and Still Life to have the most impact, but those are what I listen to most. I find myself returning to When a lot, but also Creedence. Just my opinion, but Demon of the Fall still kicks ass.
I do not agree with that. All of opeth's albums equal one another, and all the songs have different reasons for my liking. If I were to choose a favorite album it would have to be Still Life.