Devil's advocate: Are these bands good for metal?

Nov 30, 2005
Throughout metal's history, hard rock bands (often mistaken for metal bands) have been a "gateway drug" of sorts for music fans to get into metal. Going all the back to Led Zepplin up to Shadows Fall today and Motley Crue, Alice In Chains, and KoRn in between, I believe all of these hard rock bands have actually helped metal by expanding its fanbase. No music genre can surive without new blood, after all.
So, what do you think? Are cock rock, hair metal, nu-metal, grunge, and metalcore bands detremental or benificial to metal music?
I'd say nu-metal and metalcore more scares people away from metal rather than gets people interested. For example I absolutely hated Slipknot (which everyone who doesn't know metal thinks a representative of metal), and it was through Metallica's softer material that I actually got into metal, starting with Reload and moving backwards from there.
I think it's horrible to metal. What happens is nu-metal and metalcore get a lot of the angery teengers who don't really know "who" they are. I know someone who tries to be a gangsta, he wears 50 cent stuff. What's it called... I forget, anyways, he listens to Lamb of God and Slipknot like mad and he says "When I listen to metal I want to break stuff."

Well is that what metal is all about? No. I don't get tempted to break stuff when I listen to Korpiklaani, Ablaze My Sorrow or Hypocrisy. Is it just me? I don't know. But I don't think it gives metal a good name at all.
KoRn are more harmonically complex than Cannibal Corpse. :)

Edit: Dodens thinks it should be "KoRn is more harmonically complex than Cannibal Corpse. :)"
Don't listen to bad music. That's all. None of these bands help or hurt metal. It's completely irrelevant.
AiC is metal for sure. I pretty much get sick of all the genre separation in metal. All I care is that it's good music. From Ulver to Hate Forest to Tori Amos to Rush to Miles Davis to Augury to Jeff Buckley to Latyrx to Godspeed!You Black Emperor. Good music is all that matters.
i don`t understand this hatred towards Slipknot,i think that they are great, and i definetly think that Slipknot is (nu?)metal.

I hate people who hate bands because they belong to some genre.
It was through hard rock and nu-metal that i first got into more extreme types of metal... i still have respect for hard rock bands such as Led Zepplin, but i'm ashamed at myself for ever liking nu-metal. However, it deffinately does help people to get into more extreme metal. quite a lot of people into extreme metal passed through nu-metal first. So in one sense they're a good thing for metal.
I admit it, I used to be a huge Korn and Limp Bizkit fan. Then I heard Ozzy's solo material, and loved it. That got me into Black Sabbath, Maiden, Priest and the like. Then I heard Metallica, Slayer and Testament and loved it. Thrash got me into the harder stuff, such as black and death metal.
For me I think the first shit I started litening to was system of a down, then I thought that killswitch was good metal but back then I didnt know shit. from there my friend was already into metal and got me into it by listening to stuff like Metallica, Pantera and so on.

About a year ago I got into black metal and have been addicted since.
i'm a bit older so i don't know much about metal these days.I mostly listen to i guess what is considered the "old" stuff which i love to death.however,I do think its cool any band that younger fans get into that gets them into music they like.the great thing about music and metal in particular is that fans no matter what age can always go back and hear stuff they hadn't before.after that it's just a matter of personal taste as what your favorites are.
Hard rock, yes. Nu Metal? No definitely not. I don't even think that most nu metal bands are really metal, they're more like hardcore mixed with grunge, both things that I'm personally not a fan of at all. To me it seems like metal is about sounding very big, if that makes any sense, and any band that fails at doing that but still calls themselves metal I don't think is very good for the scene.
i once bought a killswitch album(by mistake) i listened to it once, and it was total crap.Why is there so many metalcore bands coming from usa, they all basically sound the same...some hardcore screaming and then a clean sung chorus, i don`t think that metalcore is metal, its something else...pop maybe?
Actually I started off with punk and rock and my tastes grew heavier and heavier. My friend said Maiden were good so i bought Powerslave and as soon as I heard 2 minutes to midnight I was hooked. That was not even a year ago now.
i have been listening to metal my whole life, my dad was a big Alice Cooper fan(and still is)and my brothers are metalheads, so i never really haven`t thought about other music