Doom metal recommendations

Yeah, man! Doom is just my soul, my favorites are:
Paradise Lost
My Dying Bride
Novembers Doom
October Tide
I've heard Morgion's "Among the Majestic Ruins". Is it their only album? And man, do you know about ?
There is a forum 'bout doom. And if you are already there what's your nick?
I've heard Morgion's "Among the Majestic Ruins". Is it their only album? And man, do you know about ?

"Among the Majestic Ruins" was Morgion's first cd. I don't have it yet but I've heard some stuff off of it. Pretty good but you've got to check out their second cd "Solinari". It's 8 tracks, 52 min. long and is some of the darkest, most depressing, crushing doom I've ever heard. The cd was released in 1999 and I'm not sure about their current status. Last I heard they were looking for a new drummer. "Solinari" is very well crafted with great production. And no, I've never been on but I'll check it out.
Whoops, I just wrote a huge reply and accidentally erased it...damn. Well, here are some doom bands I like a lot.


The three above are all great doom/death, that I would recommend to you if you like Morgion, MDB, Katatonia (Brave Murder Day era), etc.

Shape of Despair

These three bands are all Finnish, and play a more extreme form of doom/death. Skepticism and Shape of Despair could be called funeral doom, which is extremely slow and depressive doom. Unholy is a bit more bizarre and unique. These bands are the sort that are similar to Evoken.

You named the rest of my favorites (Novembers Doom, Evoken, Morgion, and MDB). So I hope this helps you. Definitely head over to , there is a lot of good information there.
I never heard Solstice, but Shawn Steels that is from it is oookhhhh!!! good! On MDB's The Light blablabla is sounds earcrashing!

What about Skepticism, Unholy and Avernus, I never heard them too, but I'm scared to write this on , they all know these bands, they will beat me or banish from doomsters fellowship at all!!!
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What, no Solstice? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves:lol: Also Solitude Aeturnus for some Sabbath-like groovin'.

I love Solstice :) Battle-doom at it's finest! Lamentation and New Dark Age are just KILLER, both of them. What the hell are these guys doing right now, anyway? You never hear anything about them.
I recommend:

° Dolorian
° Disembowelment
° Skepticism
° Esoteric
° Dusk
° Thergothon (slowest doom band ever!)
° Deinonychus - (the album "Deinonychus")
° Saturnus
° Warhorse


and of course Bethlehem the album S.U.I.Z.I.D. is a masterpiece
(a mix of dark/doom metal with hysterical vocals)
Wow! I just listened to some October Tide on and it's amazing. Seems to be the perfect match between doom and melodic death. Anybody know where to buy their cds? The link on to go buy their cds on another website didn't work.
In fact, where are some good places to buy some of these obscure doom metal bands that have been mentioned? They seem fairly difficult to find.