Dragonforce Inhuman Rampage World Tour - North America


I may deserve this
Aug 21, 2005
Ann Arbor
Wooo! I've never seen them live, I guess I'll be going to the Cleveland show! Anyone else? :Spin:

Inhuman Rampage World Tour - North America
plus special guests: Protest The Hero* / Sanctity / 4th act TBA**
(* = except Toronto, Montreal,** = no 4th act in NY)

Fri Apr. 28 - Canada, Toronto, ON, Opera House // Tickets on sale next week
Sat Apr. 29 - Canada, Montreal, QC, Medley // Tickets on sale next week
Sun Apr. 30 - USA, Worcester, MA, New England Metal and Hardcore Festival // Tickets on sale now
Mon May 01 - USA, New York, NY, Avalon // Tickets on sale next week
Wed May 03 - USA, Philadelphia, PA, Trocadero // Tickets on sale Monday
Thu May 04 - USA, West Springfield, VA, Jaxx // Tickets on sale Monday
Fri May 05 - USA, Cleveland, OH, Agora Ballroom // Tickets on sale now
Sat May 06 - USA, Chicago, IL, Metro // Tickets on sale next week
Mon May 08 - USA, Denver, CO, Cervantes // Tickets on sale now

More US shows to be announced very soon!
Seen them live at Newcastle Uni there not too bad.Its not bad seeing them pull off the solos while prancing about around the stage in tr00 Power Metal fashion.
Shame herman got an Ego.

Funny side story regarding sam.

I was in london at the camden koko pretty hammered watching... Hammerfall!

Anyway, sam tripped over me had a chat with me about a funny time in scotland and such and i kinda slated the new CD, he asked how i had it (it was november), told him piracy and he goes "FUCKING AWESOME!".

I do love sam. The rest are now cunts.