Edge of Sanity


What year is this?!?
Sep 22, 2001
Any Edge of Sanity fans here?
What do you guys think of their album Crimson? First time I heard that 'song' it blew my mind. Brilliant stuff.
Is Crimson rare? I just saw that CDNOW and Amazon don't carry it...but theendrecords just updated and now they have Crimson for $11.00.
Apparently www.darksymphonies.com also carries it.

I know what you mean though. I've been searching for a real copy for ages (all I've got is a dodgy MP3 version). Doesn't seem to be a hope in hell of seeing it in an Australian store. Jesus, most of the Opeth albums except BWP are only available on import. Meanwhile the shelves are packed with CD's you wouldn't even want to shit on for fear of catching a disease :err:
Crimson is a masterpiece. You'd think one would tire of such a long song, but it has so much to offer...
I also like their earlier albums, 'The Spectral Sorrows' and 'Purgatory' (plus the EP Until Eternity Ends). Unorthodox is okay, and the rest isn't anything good.
Crimson is and always well be my favorite piece by Dan Swano . It's amazing how some people can write extrememly lond piece's and make them flow . Id I had to listen to a 40 minute In Flames , I'd go nuts , but everything is always changing and more interesting .
Crimson is truly a masterpiece, no doubt on that. But am I the only one who dislikes Mikael's vocals on it? I mean, he sounds so much better on every Opeth-album, doesn't he. I wonder why Dan wanted Mikael to sing on those parts.

That guitar-lead by Mikael is great, though.

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i think mikes vox in the 28th minute own. Its when swano says is is it an unholy then mike comes in with this long growl saying GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD its a great moment on the cd. Moon tower is a great cd as well.
For Mike's vox on Crimson, I'll fence-sit. They're far from Mike's best performance, but they add an extra dimension to the record. They're not my favourite parts of the epic death metal genius that is Crimson, but not bad either, and the part where Dan goes "...or is she the offsrping of the unholy " and Mike jumps in with "GOOOOOOOOOOD!", as mentioned by spikes77, simply rules.

Crimson would have to be considered if anyone attempted to declare a best death metal record of all time.
Well, amazon.com says 2-3 days, and when it is actually in stock, it says will ship in 24 hours. Saying 2-3 days, means that it might be at a smaller warehouse, but that is not always the case. My experience with 2-3 days at amazon.com with music of this kind is usually 2 days up to 3 weeks. It is really hit and miss, and the only way to find out is to order, and find out 3 days later if they push it back to 2-3 weeks. I find about 50 percent of the time they do this.

Also, www.cheap-cds.com has it for 11 bucks, but I have had nothing but bad experience from them, so shop with care if you use them. Your best bet, unless theendrecords gets some copies in, is to order from www.buy.com if they have it in stock. It is 12.99 there, and shipping is in the upper 1 dollar range. www.cdquest.com also has it for 12.99…..I am sure there are even better prices out there, but buy.com is a good choice, if you live in America.
Crimson is the best Swano out there, one of my favourites. Moontower is also very good - in the sense that it's good pop-prog on steroids (no wonder Dan listens to spawks beard, he he)... And I'm afraid whatever he releases next, will be nothing more than pop-prog.

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My favourite part (well, one of them, anyway) in Crimson is when the band just stops, and Dan comes in with "Cursed to be walking in the shadow of death for a lifetime...". That just utterly crushes me, I always turn it up for that part :headbang:
I have a signed copy of "Crimson", signed personally to me...hehe...I was at a concert in Trondheim and met the guys, I got invited backstage for a party and that was really fun. I played one of my own songs on Andreas' guitar, that was pretty cool since Edge of Sanity was my fave band (until Opeth came a long anyway)

...but my favorite Edge of Sanity moment remains Dan's "no...." as 'Twilight' picks up again midway! :)