Soul Forlorn

May 15, 2001
Illinois, USA
Hello all. Just wondering if I could get some more info. on Empyrium, specifically a rundown of what the various cds in their catalog are like. I've downloaded a couple of songs off the net and think I'll really like this band. I know their cds differ from one another quite a bit so any details and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

The first two records, "At Wintersunset" and "Songs of Moors and Misty Fields" were a cross between pastoral dark folk music with occaisonal blackmetal-esque raspy vocals and some doom metal elements. The third record, "Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays", went all-acoustic. Generally comperable to early Ulver, but that's a very broad, loose comparison. For more info...

I only complete album that I have heard is 'Where at Night...',
which I enjoy, the all acoustic folky approach suits the dark, pastoral atmosphere (great description Hoser). The only thing that bothers me is that it only runs for just over half an hour.

I invariably seem to listen to it before I go to sleep. Great night music.

Only heard the odd song from the previous two albums.
"When through the starry night
the mists of autumn glide
the air is filled with tragedies of olden times

where with a dreadful tone
a nightbird plays its song
in forests dark at moors they come to life..."

You should get all Empyrium releases, thay are all great.

Debut 'A Wintersunset... 'is flawed record a bit, but it's beautifully flawed. It can be described as romantic/melancholic/epic/doom metal (with black touch at vocals) and Markus and Andreas were only 17 and 18 while recording it.

'Songs of Moors...' is even better record, masterpiece if you like.
Following the path of the debut, but this time more gothic than doom(I know this sounds little stupid, but I can't describe better than this right now:( )

'Where at Night...' is my personal favorite, it is wholly acoustic, reminiscences of Ulver's Kveldssanger.

you can order it online through www.prophecyproductions.de