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Sinister Minister

Death Metal Holocaust
Jan 3, 2003
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Death Metal- Cryptopsy (Mr. Worm and i have grown to like Mike's vocals.......too bad he isn't even in teh band anymore)

Prog-Metal- Opeth

Old Thrash- Testament

New Thrash- The Haunted or Carnal Forge (but when i get ahold of some Corp. 187 c.d.s this may change)

Black Metal- Immortal

Melodic Death- Old In Flames or D.T.

Traditional Metal- Maiden

Classic Rock- Led Zeppelin

?- Tool
Death Metal-Cryptopsy

Prog-Metal- Opeth

Old Thrash- Slayer

New Thrash- The Haunted

Black Metal- Emperor

Melodic Death- Old In Flames

Grind Core-Nasum or Macabre

Technical Prog-Dream Theater or Spiral Architect
Death metal-Death, Nile, Obituary or Decapitated (sorry can't choose :( )

Prog Metal-Symphony X

Old Thrash-Testament or Dark Angel

New Thrash-Darkane

Melodic Death Metal-Soilwork (even though I don't agree with the classification)

that's all :)
evil-alien-retro-melodic-death-thrash: Hypocrisy

progressive-weusedtobemetalbutnowwe'reartrock: Tool

progressive-melodic-sometimesblack-sometimesdeath-acoustic-metal: Opeth

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Danzig
Death Metal: Nile/Death

Prog-Metal: Opeth/Agalloch

Old Thrash: Metallica/Anthrax

New Thrash: The Haunted

Black Metal: Satyricon/Immortal

Melodic Death: Dark Tranquillity/Arch Enemy

Traditional Metal: Iron Maiden

Classic Rock: bleh

Power Metal: Helloween

Viking Metal: Thyrfing

Other: Ensiferum
Death Metal: Nile

Prog-Metal: Opeth

Thrash: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth

Black Metal: Venom

Melodic Death: Dark Tranquillity

Traditional Metal: Iron Maiden, Motorhead

Classic Rock: Led Zeppelin

Power Metal: Blind Guardian

Nu Metal: System of a Down

Punk Rock: Misfits, Ramones, AFI, Son of Sam

Doom Metal: Saint Vitus

Stoner Metal: Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age

Other: Tool
Death Metal: Morbid Angel

Prog-Metal: Opeth

Thrash: Metallica, Slayer

Black Metal: Dissection, Emperor

Melodic Death: At The Gates

Traditional Metal: Iron Maiden

Classic Rock: Black Sabbath

Power Metal: Blind Guardian

Nu Metal: System of a Down

Punk Rock: Dropkick Murphys

Doom Metal: Candlemass

Stoner Metal: Kyuss

Other: Tool
Death metal- old Entombed.

Prog Metal- make it prog death, Cynic all the way.

Old Thrash- Kreator or Exodus.

New Thrash- King's Evil.

Melodic Death Metal- Amon Amarth.

Grind - Pig Destroyer or Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

Crazy Punk Redneck Crust drinking music - Scissorfight.
black metal-Dimmu Borgir
doom metal-Electric Metal
goth metal-trail of tears/Katatonia
death metal-Hyprocrisy
prog metal-opeth
goth rock-joy division
indie-the smiths
punk-dead kennedys
trip hop-tricky
nu metal-Rammstein
grunge-Alice in Chains/nirvana
sludge metal-fudge tunnel
Death Metal: Bolt Thrower

Prog-Metal: Opeth

Prog-Rock: Emerson Lake & Palmer

Thrash: Overkill

Black Metal: Darkthrone

Melodic Death: At The Gates

Traditional Metal: Iron Maiden

Power Metal: Helloween

Doom Metal: My Dying Bride
Iced Earth are not power metal
Dimmu Borgir are not black metal
and how come all these gengres were created ?
"melodic black", "melodic death" "new thrash" , "stoner metal" who created all these gengres, u guys from ur imagination, or just read them in a magazine?
and how come Opeth are progressive metal?
what progress do they bring to metal, or music?
they just play a mix of some death metal with melodies and lots of 70s prog rock influences and porcupine tree influences..
thats progressive or regressive ?
for me :
traditional heavy metal :Manowar
Progressive metal:Queensryche (Rage For Order, Operation Mindcrime, Promised Land, those albums:
Death Metal:Death
Black Metal:Emperor
Power Metal:Helstar, early Helloween, early Fates Warning, early Queensryche, Titan Force
Doom Metal:Candlemass, Trouble, Solitude Aeturnus
Thrash Metal:Slayer
Progressive Rock:Rush
i think these gengres are enough...if i followed ur example guys i would have like "u.s.a power metal" "euro-power metal" "technical thrash metal" "raw thrash metal" "melodic black" "raw black" "epic metal" ...and all this "i made this gengre's name" shit ..
@IOfTheStorm-If you knew so much about genres you would notice that New Thrash isn't a real genre.

New Thrash=newer thrash bands
Old Thrash=older thrash bands

You didn't know that lots of swedish bands are categorized as melodic death metal? I suppose that you've been living under a rock:rolleyes:

bottom line: Give yourself a break and don't be bitching when some people classify bands and you don't agree with them.
who made the category "melodic death metal"?
who created it ?
for me melodic death metal is Death and Atheist, not that cheesy swedish bands that like in flames that are not death metal at all ..
and the topic was about gengres so the "new thrash" thing shouldnt it be here at all ...we could all make "new power" "old death" "new doom metal" "old prog metal" and stupid things like that ...
bitching? it is just my opinion bout the whole "i created that gengre "thing