Favourite Aussie bands

MEDUSA!!!..CD launch 26th Oct...details @ http://www.medusa.au.com/ ...if you're in Melbourne and you don't go check 'em out then you're not a supporter of local metal and you'll also miss out on a kickarse gig you fukken PIKER!

Oh, and as for fav Oz bands (apart from Medusa):-

Grungeon..(whatever happened to them?..those mofo's kicked ARSE!)
Scarymother..(they WERE cool weren't they!)
Supremacy..(no, i'm NOT kidding!..they had potential)
The Mark Of Cain

Ahhh, ok, tell me more about Nazxul...i see from your previous reply they also have keys (I'm a sucker for good keys).. I've never heard of 'em tho.
Might be easier said than done by the looks, but i'll keep my eyes and ears open. LMAO @ "Casio and a ukulele". Thanks mate.
Oh, and your Australian Metal Guide makes damn interesting reading, thanks for that too!
Infernal Method, Stargazer, Samsara's Wounds, Chalice, and Hobb's Angel of Death. (Just for being the only bands in Australia that incorporate extreme technicality whilst remaining atmospheric/dark/emotional)