Favourite song from each type of metal


Nov 6, 2002
This probably has been done before but I want to see what songs that everyone digs most from different types of heavy metal so. The rule is that it has to be 1 song and not 2 or more.

Black Metal = Mayhem - Funeral Fog
Death Metal = Obituary - Til' Death
Death/Grind Metal = Dying Fetus - Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)
Doom Metal = Isis - Carry
Funk Metal = Faith No More - Underwater Love
Hardcore Metal = Biohazard - Open Your Eyes
Heavy Metal = Black Label Society - Lost My Better Half
Modern Metal = Pantera - I'll Cast A Shadow
Power Metal = Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus
Sludgecore = Crowbar - Time Heals Nothing
Thrash/Speed Metal = Sepultura - Inner Self
Traditional Metal = Black Sabbath - N.I.B

Heh, look at that long list.
Black Metal - Immortal - Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) / Absu - She Cries the Quiet Lake
Death Metal - Suffocation - Torn Into Enthralment
Doom Metal - My Dying Bride - The Cry of Mankind
Melodic Death - Dark Tranquility - Punish My Heaven
Death/Grind - Dying Fetus - Intentional Manslaughter
Metalcore - Prayer for Cleansing - Violent Waves
Grind - Pig Destroyer - Naked Trees
Old School Thrash - Slayer - Hell Awaits
Modern Thrash - The Crown - Excecutioner, Slayer Of The Light
Black/Death - Behemoth - Christians To The Lions
Tech/Death - Necrophagist - Mutilate The Stillborn
Brutal/Death - Saprogenic - Prolapsed Trachea Fuck Toy
NWOBHM - Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name
Heavy Metal - Down - Stone the Crow
Tech/metal - Meshuggah - Future Breed Machine
Traditional Metal - Iron Maiden - "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
Progressive Metal - Dream Theater - "Pull Me Under"
Power Metal - Hammerfall - "Let The Hammer Fall"
Thrash Metal - Testament - "Eerie Inhabitants"
Black Metal - Dimmu Borgir - "Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse"
Death Metal - Carcass - "Heartwork"
Murai i would have hoped for better from you- havent we all had enough of the favourite song lists? ANd i will go with the worst rated song in history from another dumb awful list, WE built this city on Rock and Roll.
Death Metal: Opeth - Bleak
Power Metal: Iced Earth - Gettysburg
Melodic Death: Children of Bodom - Hate Me!
Black Metal: Emperor - With Strength I Burn
Metalcore: Mastodon - March of the Fire Ants
Thrash: Nevermore - Narcosynthesis
Sludge: Electric Wizard - We the Undead
Industrial Metal: Strapping Young Lad - Force Fed
Progressive: Dream Theater - In the Name of God
Goth Metal: Katatonia - Ghost of the Sun
Murai i would have hoped for better from you- havent we all had enough of the favourite song lists?

Normally, I would concur, but you really have no idea how exhaustively bored I am on this evening.

It seems impossible to pinpoint merely ONE song to represent my tastes for an ENTIRE subgenre of metal, but I digress.

The following were selected on a whim, based on my recent listenings.
Death Metal: Death-"Low-Life"
Black Metal: Borknagar-"Colossus"
Power Metal: Seven Witches-"Johnny"
Progressive Metal: Symphony-X-"Communion and the Oracle"
Traditional Metal: Judas Priest-"Victim of Changes"
Thrash/ Speed Metal: Slayer-"Kill Again"
Death metal - Death - Evil Dead
Black metal - Astriaal - Glories of the Nightsky
Thrash metal - Megadeth - Hangar 18
Speed metal - Slayer - Hell Awaits
Grind - Agathocles - Kill Your Idols
Melodic death - At the Gates - Nausea
Doom Metal - My Dying Bride - Black God
Heavy Metal - Black Sabbath - Iron Man
I guess this kind of ranking changes from day to day, but as it feels right now:

Black Metal = Mayhem - Slaughter of Dreams
Death Metal = Nile - Black Seeds of Vengance
Doom Metal = Candlemass - At the Gallows End
Heavy Metal = Iron Maiden - Killers
Thrash Metal = Metallica - Wiplash
Traditional Metal = AC/DC - Shoot Down in Flames
Death - And Soon the World Will Cease to Be (Amon Amarth)
Death/Grind - Salt Rock Eyes (Circle of Dead Children)
Grind - Prey (Brutal Truth)
Black - Svartesmeden og Lundamyrstrollet (Windir)
Traditional - Aces High (Iron Maiden)
Power - Entering Eternity (Falconer)
Thrash(y) - D.N.R. (Testament)


Heavy/Thrash - Box Life (Pissing Razors)
Melodeath/Thrash - My Life To Kill (Corporation 187)
Post-Black - Our Foes Shall Fall (Summoning)
Black Metal = Immortal - One By One
Death Metal = Death - The Philosopher
Doom Metal = Candlemass - Solitude
Metalcore = Shadows Fall - The Idiot Box
Heavy Metal = Judas Priest - Painkiller
Power Metal = Avantasia - The Final Sacrifice
Thrash = Testament - Burnt Offerings
Death - Therion "Symphony Of The Dead"
Doom - Cathedral "Ebony Tears"
Thrash - Kreator "The Pestillence"
Black - Behemoth "Hidden In The Fog"
Power - Helloween "Eagle Fly Free"
Black Metal = Cradle of Filth - Her Ghost in the Fog
Brutal Death = Nile - Ruins
Melo Death = Arch Enemy - Enemy Within
Thrash = Metallica - Fade to Black
Power Metal = Dragonforce - Valley of the Damned
Doom = Sopor Aeternus - Resume
Goth = Within Temptation - Pearls of Light
Industrial = Rammstein - Heirate Mich
Metalcore = Zao - The Buzzing
Grind = Chimaira - Cleansation
Black Metal = Samael - Rain
Death Metal = Death - The Philosopher
Death/Grind Metal = Naplam Death - The World Keeps Turning
Doom Metal = Candlemass - Bewitched
Funk Metal = Mordred - Every Day's A Holiday
Hardcore Metal = Pro-Pain - Foul Taste Of Freedom
Heavy Metal = Judas Priest - Stained Class
Modern Metal = Pantera - 25 Years
Power Metal = Nevermore - Next In Line
Sludgecore = Crowbar - Will That Never Dies
Thrash/Speed Metal = Overkill - Hello From The Gutter
Traditional Metal = Black Sabbath - N.I.B