The great innovators of Metal

Ugh... I thought I was sure of you being Omni's new sock puppet based on your comment about Dodens, your trolling of Belligerent (with information so far back in the whining & bitching thread it seems unlikely for a newcomer to have referenced), this snide jab at commercialistic metal, and just the timing of your arrival since Dodens hinted that Omni might be returning soon.
Indeed, Omni 2.0 like DD stated :lol:
Death - Scream Bloody Gore

Death is the epitome of the death metal genre.

This is Death's rawest album out of all of their albums.In my opinion, I think all death metal bands should have the production of this album. It has that rough and raw sound. The Reverberations on the album are incredible.

I can't really say for sure that this is the first true death metal album, but it is one of the originals. This should be considered.
I just realized that Skyclad isn't on the list. Innovators of folk metal.

EDIT: I see that Bathory has been awarded the title of folk metal innovators. Skyclad definitely deserves mentioning because they approached the genre from a different direction; much more traditional folk-oriented arrangements ("The Widdershins Jig") and use of more folk instruments. Also, whereas Bathory was derived from black metal, Skyclad definitely was not.

Yeah, to be honest I have trouble seeing how Hammerheart is so folky aside from the lyrics, and Twilight of the Gods sure as hell isn't...the Nordland albums were definitely folky, but that's way too late. I'll accept Bathory as influential in folk metal for really putting Norse themes on the map, but Skyclad definitely need to be mentioned as well.
I don't see how death/doom isn't at least as innovative as the entries that added keyboards to other genres. In both cases an "instrument" is being added that wasn't used before.
Okay, but how is any of that innovative? There were already slow tempos, guttural vocals and bass-heaviness in somewhere in metal before funeral doom came along.

I don't even see why death/doom is on there, since the idea of playing doom metal with death grunts is really not that groundbreaking. Seems like the kind of thing any number of people could have come up with.
"Seems like the kind of thing any number of people could have come up with." is something could really be said to alot of the entries you've made so I don't see how doomdeath is any different. And it is hardly just doom metal with death grunts, it is more rooted in death metal really. Funeral doom is more debatable but the modern sound of the genres are different for sure.
If doom/death is to be considered, look no further than Sempiternal Deathreign.
But Paradise Lost was from the same year and I think it is pretty safe to say which band has been the most influental.