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May 30, 2001
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What Opeth songs can you play? My personal list would be Black Rose Immortal and Benighted and that's about it.

And what's your favorite song to play (doesn't have to be the hardest, just your fave!). For me it's Slaughter of The Soul by ATG or Feathers Fell by Dissection
Well, I don't think I can play any of them all the way through but I can play bits and pieces of most of them. I used to be able to play The Night And The Silent Water and To Bid You Farewell through but I forgot how...whoops!
April Ethereal , When , Madrigal , The amen Corner , some of Demon of the Fall . The night and the silent water , The lepper affinity , Patterns in the Ivy . The drapery falls , Epilouge , To bid you farewell . other parts of other songs that I can't remember
Im a bassist... and I can play Credence, Epilogue, Advent, To Bid You Farewell(which i havent finished tabbing yet, its so fucking long), Forest Of October, Requiem, The Drapery Falls.
I can play Forest of October, In The Mist She Was Standing, Advent, White Cluster, April Ethereal on guitar.

One of my favorite one to play is definitely Advent and Epilogue(the guitar parts which i know).
Harvest is the only whole Opeth song I can play, methinks, otherwise it's bits and pieces: a riff here, a melody there. The acoustic parts of BRI are nice. The stuff I've been playing a lot lately are the lead parts of In Flames' "Artifacts of the Black Rain", the intro of Led Zeppelin's "Over the Hills and Far Away", and I'm just learning "Silent Lucidity".

Only been playing guitar 8 months or so, just learning.
I've played just about all of Orchid and Morningrise before, as well as bits and pieces of other songs off of other cds. I have a lot of fun playing along to Orchid. Rather than trying to learn all the parts note for note (personally, I think that is a waste of time), I try to spend more time learning the "style" of Opeth. I like to figure out their chord formations, how they're harmonizing, how they transcend from riff to riff, etc. I do a lot of improvising while playing along to Opeth. My favorite song to play along to is "In Mist She Was Standing". Other than Opeth's Orchid, I don't play along to too much stuff. I love playing along to Iron Maiden's Powerslave and Piece of Mind and every once in awhile I break out some Fates Warning or Iced Earth. Generally, I just prefer to write my own stuff.