GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 1987

I just relistened to it since I realized I hadn't even included it in my list, and nah, not even close. It has a few good ideas and a strong, warm production but pretty average riffs overall. Terror Squad is one perfect riff after the next.
Why would you use riffless bands like Revocation and Heathen to disprove an accusation of hating riffs?
Heathen does have some good riffs, but are hardly a top-riff kind of band.

Give me your best Revocation riffs.
damn how the fuck did i forget to rank Breaking the Silence?

i'd take it over terror squad at least
i'd take it over all three of those albums. Terror Squad and Mystification are right up there at the #11-12 spots though.

Why would you use riffless bands like Revocation and Heathen to disprove an accusation of hating riffs?
calls Heathen riffless and faps to true riffless garbage like post BBB Exodus :lol:
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Rating without Glam-Metal:

1. Anthrax - Among the Living
2. Testament - The Legacy
3. Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger
4. U.D.O. - Animal House
5. Sepultura - Schizophrenia
6. Accuser - The Convicion
7. Grim Reaper - Rock You to Hell
8. Raven - Life's a Bitch
9. Zoetrope - A Life Of Crime
10. Kreator - Terrible Certainty
1634170433_preview_show time.gif

1. Slaughter - Strappado
Favourite song: "Tales of the Macabre"


2. Death - Scream Bloody Gore
Favourite song: "Denial of Life"


3. Pentagram - Day of Reckoning
Favourite song: "Burning Savior"


4. Candlemass - Nightfall
Favourite song: "At the Gallows End"


5. Necrophagia - Season of the Dead
Favourite song: "Bleeding Torment"

6. Manilla Road - Mystification
Favourite song: "Mystification"


7. Napalm Death - Scum
Favourite song: "Scum"

8. Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Favourite song: "Equimanthorn"

9. Trouble - Run to the Light
Favourite song: "Born in a Prison"

10. Voivod - Killing Technology
Favourite song: "This Is Not an Exercise"
1. Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark

bathory under the sign of the black mark.jpg

2. Sarcófago – I.N.R.I.

sarcofago inri.jpg

3. Infernäl Mäjesty – None Shall Defy

infernal majesty none shall defy.jpg

4. Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King

savatage hall of the mountain king.jpg

5. Poison - Into the Abyss

poison into the abyss.jpg

6. Slaughter - Strappado

slaughter strappado.jpg

7. Death - Scream Bloody Gore

death scream bloody gore.jpg

8. Holocausto - Campo De Extermínio

holocausto campo de exterminio.jpg

9. Protector - Misanthropy

protector misanthropy.jpg

10. Sepultura - Schizophrenia

sepultura schizophrenia.jpg
1) dork quarterer - dork quarterer
2) voivod - killing technology
3) flames of hell - fire and steel
4) holy terror - terror and submission
5) infernal majesty - none shall defy
6) candlemass - nightfall
7) king diamond - abigail
8) dream death - journey into mystery
9) poison - into the abyss
10) sacrifice - forward into termination

savatage might get in there, needs more listens
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