GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 1999

1. Kyprian's Circle - Noitatulen vartija

kyprian's circle.jpg

2. Runemagick - Enter the Realm of Death

runemagick enter the realm of death.jpg

3. Absurd - Asgardsrei

absurd asgardsrei.jpg

4. Dark Tranquillity - Projector

dark tranquillity projector.jpg

5. Avenger - Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy

avenger fall of devotion.jpg

6. Warloghe - The First Possession

warloghe the first possession.jpg

7. Summoning - Stronghold

summoning stronghold.jpg

8. Sabbat - Karisma

sabbat karisma.jpg

9. Regurgitation - Tales of Necrophilia

regurgitation tales of necrophilia.jpg

10. Immolation - Failures For Gods

immolation failures.jpg


Adramelech - Pure Blood Doom
Nominon - Diabolical Bloodshed
Amon Amarth - The Avenger
Immortal - At the Heart of Winter
Manes - Under ein blodraud maane
Deeds of Flesh - Path of the Weakening
Hypnosia - Violent Intensity
i’m working on 2000 atm (i’m slowly realising it was a surprisingly fantastic year), but i really should do 99 at some point ‘cause right now it’s probably the weakest year of them all for me and i couldn’t even begin to make a satisfactory list.
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Reflection: 1999 was a fucking amazing year for power metal. Established greats in the genre released seminal albums, and newcomers that would go on to become important players released stellar debuts. No less than three German bigwigs (Gamma Ray, Freedom Call and Edguy) churned out some of their best work to date. This trend would continue well into the first half of the 00's, establishing what could well be called a golden age for European PM.


01. Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica
Favorite songs: "Blank File" / "Destruction Preventer"


02. Edguy - Theater of Salvation
Favorite song: "Theater of Salvation"


03. Freedom Call - Stairway to Fairyland
Favorite song: "Tears Falling"


04. Gamma Ray - Power Plant
Favorite song: "Wings of Destiny"


05. Insania (Stockholm) - World of Ice
Favorite song: "Carried By Wings"


06. Morifade - Possession of Power
Favorite song: "The Signs"


07. Nocturnal Rites - The Sacred Talisman
Favorite song: "Hold On to the Flame"


08. Crystal Eyes - World of Black and Silver
Favorite song: "Gods of the World"


09. Secret Sphere - Mistress of the Shadowlight
Favorite song: "Recall of the Valkyrie"


10. At Vance - No Escape
Favorite song: "Power & Glory"
1. U.D.O. - Holy
2. Kreator - Endorama
3. Grave Digger - Excalibur
4. Royal Hunt - Fear
5. Artillery - B.A.C.K.
6. Golden Earring - Paradise in Distress
7. Adam Bomb - Get Animal
8. Anvil - Speed of Sound
9. Beggars & Thieves - The Grey Album
10. Marshall Law - Warning From History