GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 1991

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Predicting Dismember at #1, with Master's Hammer a close 2nd.

Also, yay for Clandestine making it - didn't think it would have enough votes. It's a great fucking album, and y'all need to stop dickgrinding Left Hand Path like it's the only worthwhile album that they released. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to say that Clandestine is better, but it's at least just as fucking good.
10) Human by Death
9) Clandestine by Entombed
8) Unquestionable Presence by Atheist

7) Mental Vortex by Coroner
I've got the moon in my veins...


"Best thrash metal album in the history of thrash metal albums." - @Vilden

"Mental Vortex is an album I want to be my all-time fave. The production and guitar tone are awesome, has a totally unique cold vibe to it, the move towards slower and more subtle grooves plus weirder chords nails it down even further, and Pale Sister is basically the quintessence of what I want out of music and my very favorite Coroner song. The first several listens were captivating experiences on par with anything else in music. However, Metamorphosis is notably less interesting than any of the other originals, the Beatles cover doesn't really do it for me anymore either, the drumming is unfitting on about half the tracks, and I hate to admit it, but even some songs I really love like Son of Lilith could be shortened a bit. It's really close to being transcendental on its strengths alone but the flaws are obvious and numerous." - @HamburgerBoy

"Mental Vortex is insanely good... probably my second favorite thrash album of all time, next to RtL." - @Krow

"Mental Vortex is great, but I'd agree it's not as good as the earlier albums." - @Rumpole

"The riffs on MV are fucking god-tier." - @Satanstoenail

Chosen by:
Satanstoenail (#1)
Talos of Atmora (#1)
HamburgerBoy (#3)
zerostatic (#3)

TechnicalBarbarity (#4)
Burkhard (#5)
Baroque (#8)
rms (#9)
EspaDa (#10)