GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 2011

1. Septicflesh- The Great Mass
2. Fleshgod Apocalypse- Agony
3. Lantlos- Agape
4. Wolves in the Throne Room- Celestial Lineage
5. Ash Borer- Ash Borer
6. Aosoth- III
7. Blut Aus Nord- 777 Sect(s)
8. Galneryus- Phoenix Rising
9. Obscura- Omnivium
10. Disma- Towards the Megalith

Honorable Mentions:
Ulcerate- The Destroyer of All
Negative Plane- Stained Glass Reveries
Oranssi Pazuzu- Kosmonaut
Midnight Odyssey- Funerals from the Astral Sphere
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1. Negative Plane - Stained Glass Revelations
2. Hades Archer - For the Diabolical Ages
3. Panphage - Gráðr neðan
4. Disma - Towards the Megalith
5. Venenum - Venenum
6. Lvcifyre - The Calling Depths
7. Lantern - Subterranean Effulgence
8. Sabbat - Sabbatrinity
9. Shub Niggurath - A Deadly Call From the Stars
10. In Solitude - The World. The Flesh. The Devil
1. Primordial - Redemption at the Puritan's Hand
2. Doomsword - The Eternal Battle
3. Burzum - Fallen
4. Absu - Abzu
5. Negative Plane - Stained Glass Revelations
6. Blotted Science - The Animation of Entomology
7. Vektor - Outer Isolation
8. Vallenfrye - A Fragile King
9. Portrait - Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae
10. Kaevum - Natur

There is a heap of stuff I haven't listened to in enough detail yet that might be worthwhile... including but not limited to:

Hades Archer, Esoteric, Ungod, Apocalypse Command, Sorcier des Glaces, Autopsy, Krallice, The Axis of Perdition, Mournful Congregation, Manilla Road, Shub Niggurath, Helheim, Virus, Reveal, Omit
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1) sorcier des glaces – the puressence of primitive forests
2) primordial – redemption at the puritan’s hand
3) shub niggurath – a deadly call from the stars
4) realmbuilder – fortifications of the pale architect
5) doomsword – the eternal battle
6) absu – abzu
7) 40 watt sun – the inside room
8) taake – noregs vaapen
9) virus – the agent that shapes the desert
10) satan’s host – by the hands of the devil
burzum - fallen
argus – boldly stride the doomed
lord vicar – signs of osiris
grayceon – all we destroy
krallice – diotima
in torment - paradoxical visions of emptiness
sabbat - sabbatrinity
entrench - inevitable decay
exxplorer - vengeance rides an angry horse
illegal bodies - mindflayers

some youtubes:

couple of lesser known albums i want to recommend to fans of their respective genres, swedish death/thrash and brazilian tech death respectively:

1. Morbus Chron - Sleepers in the Rift
2. Necros Christos - Doom of the Occult
3. Obsequiae - Suspended in the Brume of Eos
4. Infestus - E x | I s t
5. Acid Witch - Stoned
6. Alda - Tahoma
7. Peste Noire - L'ordure à L'état pur
8. Colosseum - Chapter 3: Parasomnia
9. Grimoire - À la lumière des cendres
10. Vastum - Carnal Law
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Genre: Avant-garde Metal / Experimental Rock

"The drawback is that some of the songs blend together a bit too much, but the atmosphere is top notch and the geologically themed lyrics are a big step up from Written in Waters' edgy poetry about raping swans." - @Vegard Pompey

Voted for by:
@Vegard Pompey (4th place)
@Oblivious Maximus (6th place)
@CiG (7th place)
@no country for old wainds (9th place)


Genre: Melodic Black Metal

"I like Obsequiae but feel like their last two albums have been rehashes of Suspended in the Brume of Eos, but not as good." - @challenge_everything

"I dig that album quite a bit, I have ever since one person here posted it (I think it was Cyth but I'm not sure). Either way, it rules. Musically complex yet definitely non-wanky." - @The Butt

Voted for by:
@rms (1st place)
@dwellerINTHEdark (3rd place)
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