Halloween or Friday The 13th?

Halloween or Friday The 13th?

  • Halloween series

    Votes: 8 61.5%
  • Friday The 13th series

    Votes: 5 38.5%

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i dont know about the series for both of them...... i only care about the first films in each.... but I think that the first Friday the 13th is an underrated masterpiece..... Its very dark, stormy, and has a real creepy atmosphere......
tho the last 3 ones suck
but the first one is very good,it created the concept of the slow walking killer
I actually really liked Halloween Resurrection! I did NOT think I would but I ended up loving it. It isn't better than the first one, but I think it may be my second fave in the series. Alot of people disagree on that one, but the only one I know I enjoyed more was the original. That is by a LONGSHOT by the way!!!!!!!!!!
Friday the 13th. I just dont find Mike to be all that scary. Then again I dont with Jason either. I root for Jason to kill people. lol.

Im a big Jason fan (got the whole series) even though Halloween is also a good series. (got the whole series).

Halloween has best original movie ,but I just feel F13 has the better series. Esp. since Halloween completly ignores their storylines in the other movies. (3,4,5,6 and curse of MM) Somehow they never existed when we got to H20.