How much do you think i could get for these?


Jul 1, 2003
Concord, CA
i need money so i'm thinking about selling my cds (i only use mp3s now so i have no use for them, plus they're all backed up). how much do you guys think i could get for all of these. i'd like to sell them as a lot. this is just my metal stuff, i've also got several hundred more cds of other shit that i want to sell though.

there are about 300 cds here. i'd like to get maybe $1200 or so for all of them. i'm not sure if that's really reasonable though.

any input would be appreciated.

don't start asking me if i'll sell single ones now either since i'm not entirely sure if i want to sell them yet.

40 grit - heads
acid bath - paegan terrorism tactics
acid bath - when the kite string pops
agathocles - theatric symbolisation of life
agents of oblivion - agents of oblivion
agoraphobic nosebleed - honkey reduction
agoraphobic nosebleed / converge - the poacher diaries
anal cunt - 40 more reasons to hate us
anal cunt - I like it when you die
anal cunt - it just gets worse
anal cunt - top 40 hits
and oceans - cypher
and oceans - the dynamic gallery of thoughts / the symmetry of I the circle of o
anthrax - attack of the killer b's
anthrax - moshers
anthrax - persistence of time
anthrax - sound of white noise
anthrax - volume 8
asesino - corridos de muerte
bal-sagoth - the power cosmic
behemoth - pandemonic incantations
benumb - soul of the martyr
black funeral - moon of characith
black sabbath - black sabbath
black sabbath - we sold our soul for rock n roll
blood duster - cunt
blood duster - str8 outta northcote
bloodbath - breeding death
bloodbath - resurrection through carnage
bloody gore - blood driven vehemence
borknagar - empiricism
borknagar - the archaic course
borknagar - the olden domain
brujeria - marijuana
brujeria - matando gueros
brujeria - mextremist
brujeria - raza odiada
brutal truth - extreme conditions demand extreme responses
brutal truth - goodbye cruel world (2cd)
brutal truth - kill trend suicide
brutal truth - need to control
brutal truth - sounds of the animal kingdom
burzum - det som engang var
burzum - filosofem
burzum - hlidskjalf
burzum - ragnarok
cannibal corpse - eaten back to life
cannibal corpse - gallery of suicide
cannibal corpse - vile
carpathian forest - strange old brew
cattle decapitation - human jerky
cattle decapitation - to serve man
cephalic carnage - lucid interval
cephalic carnage / anal blast - perversions…and the guilt after / 5.obese
children of bodom - something wild
circle of dead children - human harvest
circle of dead children - the genocide machine
coal chamber - chamber music
coal chamber - coal chamber
corpse vomit - raping the ears of those above
corrosion of conformity - blind
corrosion of conformity - deliverance
cradle of filth - midian
cryptopsy - and then you'll beg
danzig - 1
danzig - 4
danzig - blackacidevil
danzig - dirty black summer - single
danzig - how the gods kill
danzig - I luciferi
danzig - lucifuge
danzig - satan's child
danzig - thrall-demonsweatlive
dark funeral - diabolis interium
dark funeral - in the sign
darkthrone - hate them
dave brokie experience - diarrhea of a madman
death - symbolic - promo
death - the sound of perseverance - promo
deceased - blueprints for madness
deceased - the 13 frightened souls
deicide - once upon the cross
deicide - serpents of the light
deicide - when satan lives
dimmu borgir - alive in torment
dimmu borgir - enthrone darkness triumphant
dimmu borgir - godless savage garden
dimmu borgir - puritanical euphoric misanthropia
dimmu borgir - spiritual black dimensions
dimmu borgir - stormblast
dimmu borgir / old man's child - devil's path / in the shades of life
down - a bustle in your hedgerow
down - nola
downthesun - downthesun
drown - product of a two faced world - promo
dying fetus - infatuation with malevolence
dying fetus - killing on adrenaline
emperor - ix equilibrium
emperor - prometheus
entombed - hollowman
entombed - same difference
entombed - wolverine blues
exhumed - anatomy is destiny
exhumed - gore metal
exit-13 - ethos musick
extreme noise terror - damage 381
eyehategod - confederacy of ruined lives
eyehategod - dopesick
eyehategod - southern discomfort
fear factory - concrete
fear factory - demanufacture
fear factory - digimortal
fear factory - fear is the mindkiller
fear factory - obsolete
fear factory - remanufacture
fear factory - resurrection - single promo
fear factory - soul of a new machine
flesh grinder - splatter
flesh parade - kill whitey
fleshgrind - the seeds of abysmal torment
glenn danzig - black aria
god dethroned - ravenous
god dethroned - the christhunt
gore - consumed by slow decay
gore beyond necropsy - noise a go go
gorefest - mindloss
gorefest - the eindhoven insanity
gorelord - force fed on human flesh
grave - hating life
haemorrhage - loathesongs
hatebreed - perseverence
hatebreed - satisfaction is the death of desire
hecate enthroned - upon promethean shores
hellspawn - lords of eternity
hemdale - rad jackson
human remains - where were you when (2cd)
immortal - damned in black
immortal - diabolical fullmoon mysticism
immortal - sons of northern darkness
impaled - mondo medicale
impaled nazarene - absence of war does not mean peace
in flames - clayman
in flames - colony
in flames - reroute to remain
in flames - whoracle
internal bleeding - alien breed
internal bleeding - driven to conquer
iron maiden - fear of the dark
iron monkey - iron monkey
judas priest - painkiller
judas priest - the best of: living after midnight
jungle rot - dead and buried
katatonia - tonights' decision
kvikksovguttene - gamlem
lamb of god - new american gospel
limbonic art - in abhorrence dementia
lymphatic phlegm / neuro-visceral exhumation - wide opened thoraco-abdominal tract / bathed in hecatombic concoctions
macabre - dahmer
macabre - murder metal
macabre - sinister slaughter / behind the walls of sleep
machine head - burn my eyes
machine head - the burning red
machine head - the more things change
marduk - live in germania
marduk - nightwing
marduk - obedience
marduk - world funeral
massacre - promise
mayhem - wolf's lair abyss
meatshits - ecstasy of death
meatshits - sniper at the fag parade
meshuggah - chaosphere
metallica - and justice for all
metallica - garage inc. (disc 1 only)
metallica - kill 'em all
metallica - master of puppets
metallica - reload
metallica - ride the lightning
mortician - darkest day of horror
mortician - zombie apocalypse
mortuus terror - god riddance / devirginized
myrkskog - superior massacre
namtaru - the plagues of namtar
napalm death - breed to breathe - single
napalm death - utopia banished
narcolepsy - 1993-1997 compilation
nasum - human 2.0
nasum - inhale exhale
necrophagia - holocausto de la morte / black blood vomitorium
necrophagia - the divine art of torture
neurosis - through silver in blood
old man's child - born of the flickering
old man's child - ill-natured spiritual invasion
opeth - blackwater park (2cd)
opeth - my arms, your hearse
origin - origin
ozzy - live & loud (2cd)
pantera - cowboys from hell
pantera - far beyond driven
pantera - official live
pantera - reinventing the steel
pantera - the great southern trendkill
pantera - vulgar display of power
phobia - means of existence
pig destroyer - prowler in the yard
pissing razors - cast down the plague
pissing razors - fields of disbelief
pissing razors - pissing razors
pro-pain - act of god
pro-pain - foul taste of freedom
pro-pain - pro-pain
pro-pain - the truth hurts
psypheria - embrace the mutation
pungent stench - club mondo bizarre
ravenous - three on a meathook
red harvest - sick transit gloria mundi
regurgitate - deviant
rotten sound - murderworks
rotting christ - genesis
sanatorium - arrival of the forgotten ones
satyricon - intermezzo II
satyricon - nemesis divina
satyricon - rebel extravaganza
scorched-earth policy - insurrection ep
scorched-earth policy - tones of ambivalence
sepultura - against
sepultura - arise
sepultura - beneath the remains
sepultura - blood rooted
sepultura - chaos a.d.
sepultura - roots
sepultura - schizophrenia
severed savior - forced to bleed
six feet under - haunted
six feet under - maximum violence
six feet under - true carnage
six feet under - warpath
skinlab - bound, gagged and blindfolded
skinlab - disembody: the new flesh
skinlab - eyesore
skinlab - revolting room
skinless -foreshadowing our demise
slayer - decade of aggression (2cd)
slayer - diabolus in musica
slayer - divine intervention
slayer - haunting the chapel
slayer - hell awaits
slayer - reign in blood
slayer - seasons in the abyss
slayer - south of heaven
slayer - undisputed attitude
soilent green - a deleted symphony for the beaten down
soilent green - pussysoul
soilent green - sewn mouth secrets
soilwork - natural born chaos
soilwork - steelbath suicide
soulfly - soulfly
strapping young lad - city
strapping young lad - syl
suffocation - human waste
superjoint ritual - use once and destroy
the berzerker - dissimulate
the county medical examiners - forensic fugues and medicolegal medleys
the defaced - karma in black
the mist - gottverlassen
thou shalt suffer - somnium
thy primordial - where only the seaons mark the paths of time
today is the day - in the eyes of god
today is the day - sadness will prevail (2cd)
type o negative - bloody kisses
type o negative - cinnamon girl - single
type o negative - october rust
type o negative - the origin of the feces
type o negative - world coming down
va - blackend: the black metal compilation vol. 1 (2cd)
va - contaminated 5.0
va - earplugged 2
va - relapse records promo
va - requiems of revulsion: a tribute to carcass
va - the future is rotten
va - uncorrupted steel
va - visions: a tribute to burzum (2cd)
venom - in league with satan (2cd)
viking crown - banished rythmic hate
viking crown - innocence from hell
viking crown - unorthodox steps of ritual
vile - stench of the deceased
vital remains - dechristianize
wurdulak - ceremony in flames
wurdulak - severed eyes of possession
zyklon - aeons
zyklon - world ov worms
I think $1200 is a bit high. I don't know how much lower you should go, but I do think you should lower the asking price, at least a little. If you did decide to break up the lot, I'd purchase a chunk of them from you :)
Regardless of how much you'd want to charge, it's extremely doubtful you'd find a buyer for so many CD's. There's a LOT of quality underground metal there, so if you were to sell them, it'd be to an underground metal fan, who almost certainly wouldn't want to buy so many CDs when s/he's probably already got a lot there.

If you do decide to sell them and break it up a little, i'd also be willing to make you an offer on a fair chunk of them. =)
Ya, you would DEFINITELY have to break up that lot in order to sell em all, AND make as much money as you would like. If you sell them all in a lumpsum, youll get less if you break them up and sell seperate bunches. It's like the drug game. ;)

I wouldnt mind traking about 50 off your hands. ;)
i'll be sure to post here if i decide to break them all up. i've also got a bunch of punk stuff that i'd like to sell too. i'll try to get a list of it all up sometime next weekend.

i've also got a lot of stuff on cd-r that i'll let go for cheap as well.

i've also got to make sure i have back ups of my back ups before i sell too. knowing my luck, i'll get rid of everything and my hd will crash and everything will get stolen out of my car in the same day. then i'll be totally screwed.

E6V6I6L said:
i'll be sure to post here if i decide to break them all up. i've also got a bunch of punk stuff that i'd like to sell too. i'll try to get a list of it all up sometime next weekend.

i've also got a lot of stuff on cd-r that i'll let go for cheap as well.

i've also got to make sure i have back ups of my back ups before i sell too. knowing my luck, i'll get rid of everything and my hd will crash and everything will get stolen out of my car in the same day. then i'll be totally screwed.


Hell, I'm hope that doesn't happen. Losing CDs=teh suck.