I need some advice from experienced guitarists

sweeping is a cinch and you can't tap, are you serious?

learn epilogue
I first learnt the Drapery Falls solo for opeth.. the album version. Then the funeral Portrait solos.. which where challenging but very satisfying to learn as they sound great and are so much fun to play.. first solo i ever learnt though was the 'One' intro solo and and then the 2nd solo in the same song.. extremely easy and kinda fun to play. I tend not to learn solos though and i'm fairly good at moving around the fretboard and pretty poor at pinches etc.. I also learnt the 1st deliverance solo which is more of my style of solo.. no pinches etc and moving around a fair bit.
in my opinion Goober, learning solos is not going to make you a better soloist. it'll help your technique perhaps, but i suggest you learn shapes and patterns, and play some jam music on your stereo while playing with those shapes and patterns. just improvise a lead over the music, and do this to a lot of different songs, different keys and styles. learn how the patterns work, and when you should break the rules. when you know the rules, when to break them, and why they exist, then writing your own solos or improvisation is effortless
Any tips for building up speed? I have also been playing about a year. I can do all the mini solos in forest of october like moonlapse suggested, but not the big one. I can't play the solo in Drapery Falls fast enough either, even though that one is fairly easy and quick. I am terrible, help! Should I just smash my guitar and give up? :erk:
Looking for a Job said:

he meant practive 'til you bleed, then practive 'til bone shows... it's the only way, unless you're a freak of nature. And if you are, I wish to say FUCK YOU becaue you got my genes, now give 'em back.

Like opeth_353, I learned first The Drapery Falls solo. The way I found it to be the best to practise solos of other bands, is to try double-track them, by playing them as tight and clean on top of the original solos, in ways your solo will be heard more than the original, I mean, as if it was you who was playing it. It took me about 4-6 hours to do that with drapery falls. After I made it once, the next attempts were already easier, although not always accurate. It needs practise.

For more challenging solos, I'd recommend the 4 first solos of Funeral Portrait Peter and Mikael play and the solos after that (havent learn those, because I moved to B and lack the Hi E string but they looked weird, like lots of arpegios)

Good luck!
Egon said:
sweeping is a cinch and you can't tap, are you serious?

learn epilogue

I can tap, it just sounds sloppy. let me put it this way, my sweeping sounds cleaner than my tapping
You've played for a year and a half and have no trouble with sweep picking or pinch harmonics, but Opeth solos are hard for you?

and, I will suggest as others before me - oldskool metallica. Kill thru justice have wonderful modes, scales, and moderately good technique - just slow em down to learn em.

Play em correctly & at full speed and you'll be well on your way with some basic fundamentals to create solos to turn anyone's head.
well, when i started, i was teaching myself and i basicly thought i was just gonna be a rhythm guitarist, but then i decided to go further, so i got a guitar teacher, and now im learning lead stuff, my downfall is speed on the fret board, and as for sweeping, i learned that a couple months ago, but i just practiced til i was really good at it, and Pinch Harmonics, i dont understand whats so hard about them, you just adjust your pick a lil differently and pluck with your thumb scraping the string a lil...