Easy Songs?

Nordland Felix said:
a fair judgement is fairly easy to play :)
your band's name reminds me of the movie "best in show" when the gay guy says, "where are *you* from? nor...norland? norway?"
i thought i'd tell you that.
Dreadful said:
or you could just learn random parts from opeth songs like me ;) the most "fun" to play I think is the opening distortion riff to Advent...or the main acoustic part in Twilight is my robe

Personally I like the pre-solo riff in 'The Leper Affinity'. A multitude of riffs from the track 'Blackwater Park' and the first heavy riff in 'The Moor'. Oh yeah, can't forget the first two in Demon of the Fall.
Actually I've thought for a while that 3:16 of 'Serenity Painted Death' is Opeth's best riff ever. That shit is a total composite... it's like the backing part was made up of entirely random ideas that work in perfect cohesion. Not only that but he puts a fuckin lead over it! wtf?/!!one!1!1