Beginner Opeth Songs?


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Mar 3, 2009
hey guys, I am pretty much a complete beginner at guitars, and I would like to learn some decent songs. Unfortunately, I'm a metal head with an acoustic guitar... But Wait! My favourite band is Opeth! Bahahaha, now I'm set. But no, I can't find many acoustic sections I can actually play! I need practice, and I was wondering if You guys could help find some songs I could play (Remember, I don't remember chords, or which note is which on the fretboard ><)? If not Opeth, similar (Like anyone could try!) songs. Thanks guys!
tried that. I may be new to guitar, but I have been playing instruments in general for most of my life. I can read sheet music, but still learning notes on the fretboard.
trying to learn how to play chords properly, but fat fingers lol, I see what your trying to say - Its really the barre chords I have trouble with, and I cant finger pick chords properly either. (I prefer to finger pick, which is how I have always played) And yeah, I want to know some good acoustic parts by Opeth, for beginners. Sorry, thanks for reminding to clarify my slightly over-active question.
If only you had an electric guitar, some of the Grand Conjuration is pretty easy, I think that'll probably be the first song I will be able to play properly, at the moment I'm trying to learn Paranoid by Black Sabbath, I've got the main parts, except I'm having trouble with a part of the intro, as I either have to be able to press 3 strings on a fret at once with one finger or be able to move 2 of my fingers from on pair of notes to another really quickly, both of which I am having trouble with :( then there are the solos, which I'm not even going to try yet :(
heh, saving up to build a seven string single cut or explorer with a wine red flame maple top (like Mikael's Modern Eagle single cut 24 fret masterpiece) and a trem sometime this year. 27.5" scale, simply for the fact that I even find a Schecter or Strat neck too short, and will down-tune pretty heavily. Before anyone criticises me for plugging all that money away when Im not even good at guitar, It's going to be the guitar I take to university, where I shall be poor for a total of 5 years... long enough to get halfway okay... I hope.
I so far have spent nothing on guitars, the ones I have used have been my brother's :D and the electric he got was onlyy £75 with amp, but as I haven't paid anything for guitars it means once I get good I can splash out on a really nice one without it going to waste.
I was thinking about that EC-1000FR for a while, but the scale is too short... Would be nice though. In that custom I want, hopefully EMG-81-7 and 60-7 pickups, although if i can find somewhere in Qld that sells barenuckles or if I can find 7 string PRS pups...
Oh, to RB2610 - I was not laughing at you! Sorry, I didnt read where you said you were having trouble! Really sorry!
You have to learn chords, and even fat fingers can make barres. Practice and give it time. Eventually you'll get there, and once you get open chords and barres, you can stay mediocre forever and still be able to play a lot of fun stuff. Hell, some pros never get beyond that point! But you have to reach that first plateau before you can even attempt to play any Opeth.
I disagree, just starting out learning tabs will work, it may take more work to get there but at least the work to get there is fun, unlike learning chords.
You then come across the chords as you find them in songs, and work out how to play them as you go. When I first tried to learn guitar I tried to do it learning chords first from a guitar book, I learnt a bunch and practiced them for a few days then had to do a lot of schoolwork, was very busy, didn't bother with guitar for 4-5 months and forgot all the chords. Now I'm just learning from tabs and I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere. And in the case of remembering things, unlike chords which I have now forgotten after a few months, I can still remember the main riff from Smoke on the Water from being taught it about 5 years ago in half an hour session with a classmate in a music lesson.