Beginner Opeth Songs?

I suck at basic chords and I don't know crap about guitar equipment, else than that mine has 6 strings and makes sweet music. Yet I see myself as a decent guitarrist, as I've been playing for 3 years.
and that's because I've never have been teached, but played whatever I wanted to instead.
I thought I'd never be able to play a barre chord when I started, cause my fingers are so skinny and powerless. but you'll get it. as I did. :)
How many songs have the Smoke on the Water riff in them? How many have a D major chord?

Yeah, but if you just play the tabs and music regardless of what chords it uses, you'll be playing the chords but you don't know or need to know what chords you are playing, after playing a lot of music you might start to recognise when a chord you have used a lot keeps coming up over and over but not knowing beforehand what it is and it's proper name isn't going to hinder your playing, as Antyman shows.
I can only see knowing chords becoming a necessity when you actually get to writing your own music, but until then you don't really need to know, I've read interviews saying that even Akerfeldt doesn't actually know the names of all the chords, yet he is an incredible musician.

And the point was that it has stuck in my head better than a bunch of chords will, and now there are a bunch of other riffs I now remember, maybe eventually I'll start to see recurring appearances of chords in music but until then I'm fine just working my way through tabs.
Does anyone here have Guitar Pro? I am using the tab for Windowpane ('Windowpane ver.3', found on Ultimate Guitar) and there are tabs for clean electric and acoustic guitar and both are different, and both of these are different from the normal (non guitarpro) one on Ultimate Guitar. Does anyone know which is correct?
Do you have the tabs yet?

Ya message me an email and I'll send you a zip file. It's got every song from Morningrise to GR and about half of Orchid. I'm still waiting on some good WS tabs sadly. (though I only really want one for The Lotus Eater right now)