Easy Opeth songs to play

Oct 10, 2002
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Seems like a fair number of people on this forum can play Opeth songs. I'm not very good at guitar and was wondering if you guys could suggest some easy songs to play. Nothing from damnation plz.
Heres what i have tried:
the night and the silent water - cant even play the first riff fast enough
forest of october - can play like 2 minutes into song then too hard
deliverance - just confuses me....
to bid u farewell - sweeping is hard for me
those are the songs ive made a fairly decent effort on
so any suggestions would be great
Forest of October is actually one of their HARDEST songs to play (like that riff under the fast solo!), terrible recommendation there! Haha. The intro's easy, sure, but many other things are NOT.

I'd say try "The Drapery Falls" or "Bleak," they both have some stuff that's hard for beginners but are pretty easy overall. Same deal with "Dirge for November." Wreath isn't very hard, it's just sort of fast for a beginner...same deal with most of the rest of that album (though I'd say the song Deliverance is definitely not very easy, some of those riffs are pretty hard to play!).

Oh, and "To Bid You Farewell" is pretty easy ,but it doesn't sound real good by itself. There's no sweeping? There's that one rake in the solo? Just finger it like a chord and upstroke it, it will sound close to right. Just play the rhythm stuff for now maybe.

And demon of the fall is pretty damn hard (the "demon of the fall" riff anyway).

I have a hard time relating here cause I knew how to play guitar pretty well before I got into Opeth ;P
I learned Forest of October very early into my playing... I don't really understand what parts are challenging... minus the solos, which with a bit of work also open up.

I'd recommend Patterns in the Ivy. It's a very calming track that won't piss you off as you repeatedly play through it. It's great for building finger-picking skill.

Most of the older stuff really... Advent, The Twilight is my Robe. Probably don't want to be touching too many BWP tracks, because at that point opeth got pretty intricate with their riffs. Still Life you want to stay the living hell away from too, since it has some of their hardest stuff.

My Arms, Your Hearse has some easy tracks. April Ethereal, Credence, Demon of the Fall.

I've heard that Ghost Reveries is overall fairly easy, but I haven't really attempted learning any of it.

Best of luck. Remember, when it gets hard, don't give up.. just try harder.
yeah, I'm pretty new to guitar myself, and i don't get much time to play it either...which doesn't help.

Still Day Beneath the sun is a pretty easy song to learn though. I just learned it piece by piece (its pretty repetitive)...then put it all together.

youre gonna want a capo though if you plan on playing it...

It's a nice song too, calming, like Patterns In the Ivy as Moonlapse said
Hence why I haven't learned any :)

It's not a big issue I guess. He can tune to it, if he really wants. I'm just not sure how much easier Opeth songs get after Forest of October. Ghost Reveries is the only grey area for me.


In My Time of Need, Ending Credits are very easy songs

Windowpane isn't bad either, but there are a lot of different licks/solos so I'm not sure for a beginner

There is an Opeth lesson on Drapery Falls - go on to video google or youtube to check it out

Masters Apprentices is easy apart from that one riff which has some unusual stretching - it's played very fast.
To Bid You Farewell & Benighted were pretty easy. Masters Apprentices was the easiest heavy song for me. I haven't tried to play anything off of GR.
april ethereal is super easy...and if you learn it, then you'll be able to say, "i know how to play the greatest song ever written." that'd be pretty cool, i guess.
i just teach myself, i have no theoretical knowledge but by listening to CD's and finding the notes myself over the last 3 years ive picked up a whole load of patterns, which i couldnt name at all but once I know a track is within a certain pattern im fine playing it all. never had a lesson in my life.. i play guitar as a hobby and i'd never want to spend more money on it than the 400 quid i spent on my strat and practice marshall amp :D
Moonlapse said:
I've heard that Ghost Reveries is overall fairly easy, but I haven't really attempted learning any of it.

I wish that were true for bass - I'm having a very hard time with Ghost of Perdition and Harlequin Forest. Great tabs by the way, Wankerness.