Easy Songs?

Sep 29, 2004
I know that alot of you on this forum play guitar (and from what ive heard you're all fucking good) and I was wondering what are some easy songs I could learn. I can play about the first three minutes of DotF and the a few My Dying Bride songs but I would really like to learn more opeth. So i was wondering what are the 5 or so easiest opeth sogns to play?. Infact I don't care what band but it would be great if you guys could recommend me some easy(but not too easy ie- MDB - my wine in silence) songs. Ive been playing for about 3 months if that helps to judge what sogns are suitable.
thanks :headbang:
Ever try some Black Sabbath? That's some of the easiest shit out there.

All Opeth songs are relatively easy, it's just the arrangements that seem difficult. I can't play every one, but try Patterns in the Ivy for a beginning song. The Drapery Falls and Forest of October are pretty easy as well.
My first Opeth track was Patterns in the Ivy. I'd definately suggest that if you want to build on your finger style playing. It will also help you later on down the track for those Opeth acoustic interludes (Leper Affinity, Fair Judgement etc.).

I've found Advent, along with most of Morningrise and Orchid is quite easy to play. Definately give this one a shot.

I'd stay away from anything on Still Life for the moment (apart from Benighted, if you want to further enhance your finger-playing style) because all those tracks rank up as Opeth's more technically challenging.


1. Patterns in the Ivy
2. Advent
3. Forest of October
4. The Twilight is My Robe
5. In My Time of Need
Well playing any whole Opeth song isn't easy because theres always two different guitar parts, but the first song I learnt was BRI. The solos are pretty easy, but after the 20 minutes your arms do ache like hell.
Oh but Credence has to be the easiest.
I know you've only been playing for three months, but another easy one, if you slowed it down that is, would be Deliverance. That should really help to build you endurance/dexterity for both hands and there are some relativly easy power chord riffs in it, like for example during the first solo.
I don't consider Benighted as one of their easiest songs. I would suggest The Drappery Falls, Harvest, To Bid You Farewell and In the Mist She Was Standing.
Requiem, it's easy to slow down a bit if it's too fast, but then again it's not a typical Opeth song, so it migth not be excactly what you're looking for. I agree on Advent, it's fun to play it even if you make loads of mistakes (if that makes sense :) )
A Fair Judgement's got it all: Simple power chord riffs, slow leads, acoustic finger picking, clean solo, distortion solo (the first part is quite easy, second might get a bit too fast).
^ This song is easy except for the finger picking part in the middle. I haven't tried to play it, but the first distortion solo sounds like it has some quite fast parts.
or you could just learn random parts from opeth songs like me ;) the most "fun" to play I think is the opening distortion riff to Advent...or the main acoustic part in Twilight is my robe